Sunday, February 24, 2008


Friday started normal I had more errands to run than I wanted to so I wasn't home all morning. Through out the day Maryn started coughing and just wouldn't stop. Around 6:00 she would cough until she threw up. She threw up on me 3 times. Then the night set in and that was a real treat. She was having trouble breathing. Her nose was plugged really bad and then her breaths were really rapid and shallow. I basically stayed awake and listened to her breath. Then in the morning I gave her a breathing treatment. Well first I called the nurse (vanessa, what would I do without her) to see what to do. Then a few hours later with her breathing not improving and being really lathargic she got a fever (I also talked to steph whose daughter has had pneumonia to see how to detect that). I decided to take her into insta care. I hate those places because they always seem to be very dirty. They got us in pretty quick and then checked her out. Her oxygen intake was really low so they gave her another treatment with oxygen, gave her tylenol, took a chest x-ray all to say she has a virus and there is not much more they can do for her. Just keep up on the breathing treatments and if she gets worse take her to the ER. That was comforting but then she started to do better. I could tell. When I got home our neighbor whose a chiropractor was watching our kids and he adjusted her to help her breath better. Sure enough about 10 minutes later she got down and started to play around. She wore out quickly though and wanted to be held again but that was a major improvement. Then Austin sounded like he was getting this wonderful cold as well. But he wasn't coughing hardly at all so I wasn't to worried. The kids went to bed we checked on them at about 11:30 and Austin was doing just fine. At 12:30 we woke up to him freaking out because he couldn't breath. We did a treatment with a steroid and a second one with albuterol with really not a whole lot of improvement. That is the scariest thing to witness. To watch your child be scared to death and trying to breath. It is a horrible feeling. Needless to say Adam rushed to the ER (it's about 10 minutes away) and the night begun. I called my mom for her reassuring calmness. She's amazing and I love her so much. To make a story short Austin had to have 2 breathing treatments, a steroid, and a chest x-ray. If he'd had to have had 1 more treatment they would have admitted him to the hospital. Luckily he was fine and was able to come home at 5:00 a.m. Austin had a great time and thought that it was funny that daddy was falling asleep on the bed with him while he got to watch cartoons. He didn't fall asleep at all. Then this morning he was awake at 7:00 with his siblings. He loved that he got apple juice and animal crackers. Little does he know that I could buy those things for a whole lot less than it's going to cost us through the hospital. Oh well. He's alive and he can breath and that is all that matters. I'm so grateful for modern medicine and as much as I hate them for the facilities we were able to take our kids to. And that they are home and doing so much better. Life is crazy and this is just a small example of things never going as expected, but as always being watched over all the time.

Fire Pit at Chad and Dana's

Chad and Dana had all of us over for a BBQ. They are the best hosts. We had a great time. We chatted, roasted marshmallows over a fire pit, and played games. Chad also taught the neighbor kids some english while the rest of us were inside escaping the cold. We had brats for dinner, and I almost thought it was summer time. I didn't want to go home but Maryn was having a come apart so we figured we better get home and put her to bed and take our craziness with us. Thanks for a wonderful evening Chad and Dana.

Fire Pit at Chad and Dana's

Weekend Surprise!!!

Steph and her kids came to visit us here in Good 'ol Las Vegas. We had such a great time. I'm so glad she sacrificed the traffic and craziness of Las Vegas. We went to the park and hiked up the mountain. Aden and Dallin were speed demons and were always way ahead of us. The kids love the play equipment and we all played kick ball as well. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. The kids stayed up way to late and played hard all day long. It was wonderful.

St. Valentine Comes Again

So Aden is starting to question St. Valentine. He says, it sounds like you guys just do it. Then the next day he told all of his friends and what he got. He comes home and says Mom, St. Valentine didn't visit anyone in my class. I said well that's because they don't believe in him and he can't come to anyone who doesn't believe in him. The kid we took home says, I believe in him now. He brings toys. Aden says, " To bad you have to wait a whole year for him to come." Hopefully he forgets. The kids love there little surpises. We made sugar cookies as well and unfortunately I ate most of them. I just couldn't keep my hands out of them. Adam makes the best sugar cookies even better than lofthouse. We also made heart shaped crayons, too. It was a fun valentines.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bowling Fun

I'm playing catch up so this is from 2 weeks ago. Adam's work threw a family party. We got to go bowling and have pizza. The kids absolutely loved it. Aden loves bowling and couldn't stop jumping up and down even when we were there doing it. He even thanked the gentleman that put it all together for us. It was funny, he shook the man's hand and then started to say tha-- and the man cut him off and asked him a question. Again he attempted - than--- and again the man cut him off with another question. One more try and still to no avail tha- -- he was cut off again. So finally, he just says real loud and really fast, "Thanks for letting us bowl and for the pizza." If you know Aden that was pretty good to even talk to another strange adult. I was so proud of him. I think everyone thought we were crazy, no one, from Adam's work, bowled with us on our lane probably because we had the bumpers up but hey it helped me out. A group by us not with wells fargo just couldn't believe how many kids we had and they thought they were so cute. They would clap really loud every time one of the kids would bowl. It was great. Austin said, "Yeah, I got a stripe." Instead of strike. He kept asking when it was his turn and would just wait around the bowling balls. He would run and let the ball go. He said Mom, "Why didn't it just go faster, I just runned." Morgan was a dainty bowler, I think the ball was a bit heavy for her. Maryn even bowled a bit. Course the highlight for her was the food and soda. That was her favorite place to be. We were the last to leave at 10:30 p.m. because Aden wanted to finish the second game. Well okay we all wanted to finish the second game oh except for Morgan who got a bowling ball dropped on our foot. It happened right after we took the above picture. It was a fun night a good memories too.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I guess I've been tagged. So here goes nothing.

What is his full name? Adam Cumming Marchant

How long have you been married? 10 years

Who eats more sweets? It depends on what kind of sweets. I love cakes, pastries, breads, things of that nature but Adam is a sucker for most anything sweet. However, if a cake is left here during the day he'll be lucky to get any when he gets home for dinner.

Who said I love you first? You'll have to ask Adam I have a horrible memory.
How old is he? 32.

Who is taller? He is.

Who is smarter? He is, just ask our kids.

Who can sing better? That depends on who you ask. I would have to say we both sing exceptionally well.

Who does the laundry? Well he is supposed to but it hasn't been happening since we moved to Las Vegas.

Who pays the bills? I do.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does.

Who mows the lawn? He does.

Who cooks dinner? I do.

Who drives? We both do.

Who is more stubborn? He is.

Who kissed who first? I did, I had to I was leaving Cedar to go back to school and I couldn't wait.

Who asked who out? We were set up on a blind get together.

Who has more siblings? We both have the same amount.

Who wears the pants? It depends on what, but mostly me.

Happy day babe!

I tag Chelsea Jones, Chelsi Mcgee, Sabrina, Jaelyn

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Blogs are wonderful but man are they time consuming. And taking the time to look through all of the ones that I like takes even more time. But I can not help myself. I have to see who's changed there's or who's added to there's. It's so much fun. Well this week in preschool we did a fun experiment with Density and colors. We put food coloring in oil, alcohol and water. Then we added them together and watched what happened. My friend extended it further and put things in the different liquids to see which one would sink/float. How smart. I love teaching preschool. It is a lot of fun. I get to do all of the fun things I've wanted to do with my kids but never took the time to do it. Now I have to and I just think it is wonderful. And the best thing is the kids are learning and they have no idea that they are. It is just great.

This past week was interesting. Austin decided to throw up and it wouldn't be so bad if he would make it to the toilet. But I spent 2 hours trying to get chocolate pudding (that's what he ate right before) out of the carpet and it is still stained. I used everything I could think of to no avail. He was really funny because he'd be so thirsty and want a drink so bad that he'd drink to much and sure enough up it would come. He finally realized that he could only drink a little bit at a time but even then he would still over do it. To top it all off this had to happen when adam was out of town. And Maryn got some of my lip gloss that has a pink tint to it and decided to poor that onto the carpet. I swear why we even have carpet is beyond me.

Austin was saying nightly prayers and he was saying thank you for the new presidency, President Monson (which just seems so weird to say), Elder Eyring, and Elder uchfart, I was cracking up during the prayer. I had the giggles so everything after that just seemed to be hilarious. I love those times. I don't think any of the kids even new what I was laughing about.

Lately I haven't been holding Maryn as much mostly because I'm tired of it so I just let her hang on my legs and cry. Well after a while she will now go to morgan or aden to have them hold her and it makes her feel better. I should have let them be more involved along time ago.

Good news I have finished my rag rug. It only took me 2 maybe 3 years. But now it is finished and I am so glad to not have that hanging over my head. So now my project can be just scrapbooking which I love. The kids were looking through there books and Austin asked why his only had such little pages. Needless to say I need to catch up on his so that he doesn't feel left out.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun Weekend

This past weekend was a whole lot of fun. It was a fast weekend but as always we made the most of it. We went to Cedar City for Kaitlyns baptism. Saturday morning we woke up to the wonderful surprise of snow falling. It was beautiul and the kids loved it. Aden is our biggest fan of snow and it was all we could do to get him out of it and into the house at times. So with all that snow we couldn't let it go to waste so we went sledding. We took Brynlee and Dallin with us and had a great time. Aden and Dallin kept trying to hit a jump that was made out of snow. I think they hit it several times and just loved it when they would go flying. Maryn didn't like it until more towards the end and then she kept climbing on with whomever was going down the hill. We kept going down the hill even though all of us were completely exhausted. We just didn't want to quit having fun. But alas the legs gave out on us and we couldn't continue to climb the hill. It was great. Then we went to the Baptism which was just perfect. And the food afterwards was excellent. Needless to say it was a very fun, refreshing weekend.

Kids know how to get what they want. Maryn was calling me and grabbing my hand. I couldn't quite figure out what she wanted. Then she grabbed my hand and put it down by her crotch. I asked do you have pooh. No. But she kept doing it. I looked at Austin and he had his shirt pulled up so that you could see his tummy. Well Maryn wanted me to unsnap her onesie so that she could also lift her shirt up. Thank heaven for words, but as you can see we could get along with out them if absolutely necessary.

On the way home from Cedar the kids wanted some of this snack stuff we had. I was trying to figure out how to get it to them all with out it getting all over the car. Well I had some cardstock but no tape. With a little exploring I found some old tags for christmas trees that we had not used. I rolled the cardstock up, made a little cup, used the tree tag for tape and wha la there's a cup. Pretty ingenious if you ask me and it just goes to show that if you keep your car completely clean all the time your left with nothing and your dreams of being Macgyver are over.

It was a beautiful drive home. We drove through snow, rain, sleet, and a lot of wind and sand storms. But the earth and sky are just so beautiful.