Sunday, January 27, 2008

Look at ME

Austin learned to ride his bike. Actually, we just took the training wheels off and off he went. I just held onto it for a little while and then I got tired of holding Maryn, and bending over so I just stopped and he kept going. And that was that. Now there is no stopping him. I get a little nervous with the cars that are parked around. I hope he actually pays attention to where he is going so he doesn't scratch one of them. Aden is also doing so great on his Rip Stick. He loves it and is really good. I can only stay on it for about 10 seconds. No wonder kids think their parents are so lame. They keep coming out with new things and I'm not as agile as I used to be so whatever.

This week flew by as it always does. I'm trying to make Sunday my day for doing the blog. I want to keep it updated and all of my other days are filled with everything else. I have started a preschool. It is really fun. Currently I have 6 students including Austin. He absolutely loves it and asks about it everyday. I must be doing something right if he wants to have preschool everyday. We do a lot of fun things and the kids learn at the same time but they don't know that. That is the way to learn if you ask me.

On Monday my friend and I went to a Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace parade. Well at first it was alright but as the time wore on it became a big hang out and it was making me a little nervous. I kept my eyes peeled and noticed plenty of eyes looking at us as well. One person called us crackers. We left before the parade was over (mind you we'd been there for 2 hours already, much different then the parades in St. George). On the news that night it said that someone had pulled a gun and fired shots at the parade. It was after we left and I'm sure glad we did. So much for peace. That was my big adventure for the week.

It is raining right now. And the kids are all asleep and it is quiet. I love quiet with trickling rain hitting the window. What a peaceful feeling. It is nice to have moments of peace. My life, like many others, is filled with chaos and business. To have moments where I can sit and just think of nothing and listen is rare. On this occasion I feel peace and I am grateful for that moment that I've been given.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Halloween 2007

The above picture is from Halloween. We were all the Scooby Doo characters if you couldn't tell. Adam was shaggy, I was Velma, Aden was Scooby, Morgan was Daphne (spelling?), Austin was Fred, and Maryn was Scrappy. It was fun to all be dressed up. The kids got way to much candy and I bought way to much as well. I think we still have candy and that's after making a ginger bread village. Oh well.