Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The compulsive Liar

So I have a huge problem. I have a compulsive liar. I don't mean he (Austin) lies every now and again it's almost every time I ask him a question. Every time and without even blinking an eye. He thinks he's so good. Luckily there is always something to give it away. We have been working everyday for the past 3 weeks on telling the truth. He'll lose privileges like computer time, tv time, friend time, etc. So his most recent large offense was last night. He was told not to go to the dirt pile where Aden was because it is a little to far for him to go by himself. He goes outside and we send Morgan outside to keep an eye on him and Maryn while we hurry and finish eating our dinner. Well, she runs in and says Austin went to the dirt pile. So we call austin in and ask where did he go on his bike, "Oh, I was just riding around the house and on our street!" Just like that didn't even think about do I lie or tell the truth it's lie first try to get out of it later. So we call Aden in. Hey where did you meet up with Austin. Aden says, "He came to the dirt pile and told me it was time to come home for dinner." So I think in his head he justifies his lies. Anyways regardless he lied flat out to us. So we call him back in and give him one more chance to tell the truth. We even say, Tell the truth, did you go to the dirt pile? "Um, no I was just riding around the house." So we take away TV , Computer, Friends everything basically that that kid relies on during the hours of 9 and 3:45 until his siblings come home from school. We talked about telling the truth, how Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to tell the truth, why it's important to tell the truth, and how the disciplinary action would be less if he first told the truth. So this morning he lied to me again, and again, and again, and again. All day one after another. I would remind him of why he couldn't watch TV, etc. And still as if it didn't matter he just kept lying. UUUGHHHH!!!!!!!! Well that is my update and my SAGA.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Major Update

So I have just done about 10 gazillion posts dating back to mid July. So if you want to catch up on what I didn't post keep going back. They are brief and have a lot of pictures. I had to download pictures today because we are selling oh wait yeah sold the honda. *It took an hour and 10 minutes to sell the car. Amazing. We got exactly what we were asking for it and there is a lot of work that needs to be done. It was crazy. I had about 20 calls on it in the first 20 minutes. I was amazed but thankfully for that I have updated my blog so go to all the blogs below to get a quick update of our lives here in Vegas.

Wonderful Baby Blessing

So Cute! Brenny and Kieralyn. Here are a few pictures of the wonderful event and the next blog is of it as well. So Read on.

Keiralyn's Baby Blessing

So Keiralyn is so cute. She weighs hardly nothing and sleeps all of the time. We had a great time with B and Amanda. The blessing was beautiful and they were so hospitable. Here are a few pictures of the fun event.

Blythe Trip

So we went to Blythe for Brenny and Amanda's Baby blessing. While there we took the time to do a lot of visiting. Aden helped Grandpa by sawing down a limb in a very tall tree. Which he has already gotten a very nice thank you card and two dollars for doing. He thought that was wonderful.

Austin found and chased down a frog. I was surprised that he would pick it up and hold onto it. He liked it a lot until the frog decided to pee on his hand. Grandma Moore thought that was really funny.

All of the kids had to get there pictures taken in the trees. It was great visiting with Grandma and Grandpa, Jessica and Cookie, Julia and Chris, Jody and Denise, and Brenny and Amanda. We had a wonderful time, ate way to much good food, and had many wonderful conversations. Adam was able to go on a ride along with Brenny which he loved and was very impressed with Brennan. It's funny cuz we always think of him as a baby but he really is grown up most of the time. The mustache he was wearing was really creepy looking and I'm sure he got the response he was looking for. He shaved it off before the baby blessing thank goodness. Anyways, Jessica fed us a great breakfast, Chris and Julia provided a most comfortable place to stay even though there was a dog it was still really nice and the dog so well behaved. It never barked. Although not much of a guard dog. We went to the river which was so refreshing. Mom was so worried that one of the kids would be taken away and never seen from again so she was the life guard on duty which was great. All of the kids loved it. Dad came and I'm grateful because he didn't really want to but now my kids will have the wonderful memory of Papa going to the river with them.

First day of school

The first day of the new school year. Morgy get's to go all day! I thought that would be great but Maryn and Austin are much harder on their own than with watchful older siblings.

We also get to walk to school this year. Morgy likes to lolly gag and Aden want's to get to where he's going as fast as possible. So they are learning to watch out for each other.
So the first day was eventful to say the least. None of the water bottles were clean so we went with out water. As we are waiting for school to start each kid goes and stands in their line and does a few things like the pledge of allegiance and the school pledge. Usually it takes under 5 minutes but today it was considerably longer. So next thing I know my friend comes and tells me that they've taking Morgy and they were fanning her. I rush (as quick as a large pregnant lady can) to the nurses office and walk in to find morgy pasty white. The nurse asks her how she feels and she looks at me and says much better. We get her some water and she's ready to go back to class. She was a bit nervous but her teacher was great and didn't hesitate to get her to where she needed to go. So I get home and have been home for about 40 minutes when the school calls me. Um, yeah this is the nurse we have Aden here in the office and he threw up. WHAT!!! So what do you want to do. Um let me think I will come and get him. I get there and the nurse says oh this one is yours too. Yep that's me. Then as I'm checking him out she says "He'll be our first sick kid of the year!" Yeah for me. I bring him home and we give him some gatorade stuff and three pieces of toast with cinnamon and sugar because if you've just thrown up that will make things all better. After about 30 minutes he's running around and talking non-stop. He's totally fine so back to school he goes. And that was our first day of school experience.

Mount Charleston - August

So look at these sexy boys of mine. You can't get much cuter than that. I really don't know how to fix these pictures but we went to Mount Charleston with some friends and Adrianne. It was so nice. Who knew that this wonderful oasis could be in the middle of Nevada. It was only 75 degrees and the kids loved playing outside. Annalyse liked stepping in human feces, Morgans collected sticks, the boys ran around I assume playing something but I'm not sure what and adee was in charge of taking pictures. Apparently it was not to her benefit to take a picture of me. So I was there thoroughly enjoying myself sitting in a camp chair and doing nothing else.

Maryn just wanted to get dirty. That was her favorite thing to do. Although she had stage fright when trying to pee outdoors. That was great.

Maryn in the 80's

I just thought this was so cute. She loves to put her own head bands on and this is the result. Good things she's pretty cute cuz she has no fashion sense what so ever. And as a side note she is potty training. How long is potty training supposed to last. She'll go a week with no accidents and then one day will pee all over the floor every time. I don't get it. Does she relapse every 8th day? But she is only 22 1/2 months so that's pretty cool.

Our Crafts

We had a weekend full of crafts and jewelry making. It was so fun. I loved every minute of it. And don't listen to anything the others say about me being the queen and asking for them to bring me water, food, etc. Hey isn't that the benefit of being the only one pregnant at the time.

Girls Weekend - August

So I had to tell morgan that you have to be over a certain age to do girls weekend. She doesn't really get it because Aden get's to go Hunting with dad on Boys weekend. I just don't know what to say but I'm not about to give up my one weekend a year without a single child. Where I can do whatever, when ever, I want. Before I got there I just wanted to sleep. After I got there I didn't want to sleep and waste all of my free time. Kind of ironic isn't it. We had a great time. We ate a lot but didn't gain a pound, crafted a ton which you have seen in the previous post. I know I did it backwords but it's hard to do when you're trying to play catch up.
We had tin foil dinners and smores mmmmmmm good. We used instead of chocolate and grahams we had the circle cookies with chocolate on em. Yum so much better than the other way. I loved them and ate enough for everyone. Course I'm pregnant so apparently I was eating for 4 or 5.

Steph and me. She still thinks she's fat(Just kidding Steph). But as you can see I practically hide almost all of her. So she must be sooooooo very tiny because I'm not that big. Behind us is our rough living conditions. It had everything. It was the best.

Paige was taking this opportunity to pose for pictures. She said something about a modeling contract on the way. I believe it's for the older generation. (just teasing)
It was a great weekend and I'm grateful for my wonderful sisters. I couldn't ask for more wonderful people.

Morgy's Graduation - August

Morgan's Graduation From Kindergarten!!
They sang some very cute songs. We waited outside in the heat for about 1/2 hour and the production was less than 15 minutes. It was still great and she was the prettiest girl around.

Morgan with Mrs. Keidel We love her. She was a wonderful teacher and really pushed the kids to do better and to work hard. Morgan could of worked harder but everything came so easy and I didn't push it because trying to get one kid to do homework was hard enough. Now that's all over and she has to do it too.

Our pretty girl waiting to get her folder of stuff. They did more art projects than I think there was time for but sure had fun.

Shark Reef - July

We got to go to the Shark Reef at one of the Hotels. The kids loved it and we got a great deal so that made it even better.Austin with the Alligator
The kids loved the self guided tour things. And I'm grateful my kids love to learn. They really take advantage of opportunities. They listened to every single one and tried to figure out which fish they were talking about. Then they would relay all of the info to my poor brain that can't remember a whole lot anyways.
The Manta Ray. We were able to pet them. Of course I practically drowned Morgan to get her to touch it and I also bribed all of the kids. I told them I would pay them a whole dollar if they touched it. And yes they all did. Aden a couple of times. Austin just once or twice (his arm was a little to short so it was harder) and morgan just once and that was enough. She moved away from it and on to the other things.

Austin trying to muster up the courage to touch it. It was great. We also got to see an Octopus and of course sharks. Even though there is glass they are still scary.

A Recap of Life

So this is the raft raggata. I had no idea that scouts did more than the car thing. Apparently there are boats and airplane thingy's and cars. Well our troop doesn't just do one they do all three. Which of course the boys just love so we can't complain. Our scout leader is great and very good with the kids. He doesn't like the cheers they already have to he is constantly coming up (on the spur of the moment) with ones of his own. At this particular event we were at the park all sitting on the grass and they are doing the rain thing. You know when you make noises to sound like rain and just as we were getting to the part that heavy rain the sprinklers came on. He could not have timed that better. It was hilarious. He's very entertaining and we can't wait (wink, wink) to do this scouting thing three times over. Aden loves it and thinks it is the best thing he's ever been a part of. His den leaders are great to and do something every week. I am impressed because that is hard work.