Monday, November 9, 2009

All the presents and his favorite thing was the yellow bag it came in. Irony!!!

MMMM!! He loves his cupcake.

He could hardly wait for me to take the wrapper off and this was after dinner. I think this poor kid is starving.

He loved his book.

I didn't want to do frosting so I did a light dusting of powdered sugar and I think they turned out quite good. Morgan made the cupcakes and they were so moist. I don't know how she did it but they were soooooo good.

Happy Birthday Ash.


Well we tried to get a picture with all of them but one giraffe was just doing his own thing. Maryn was a cow girl or as she says a tow gurl. Morgan was a pixie and of course I made her costume she looked great I thought. Aden was harry potter and I think he looked an awful lot like him. We sprayed his hair black and that really made a difference. Austin was Ron so of course we sprayed his hair orange. It was fun. I was scooby doo and Adam was Shaggy but we didn't get a picture of it. So Happy Halloween everyone.

My Birthday

So for my birthday we went camping in Zion's. It was perfect. We loved it. As we drove up there were deer right there. The area was beautiful. We set camp up then went through the tunnel and of course we turned the car lights off. The kids thought it was funny because I would last about one second then start screaming because it was freaking me out. It was so dark in there. Right after the tunnel is a hike though and we were able to go and do that. We went with the Jones' and it was great. Saturday was my birthday and it was the best birthday. It was great to be away from laundry, the house, the dishes. Because let's face it, even though it's your birthday the normal stuff is still there. Well I escaped it and was out in nature. I love nature, I love camping and I love hiking. It was so great. To top it off I got a candle in a smore. You can't ask for more than that.

Funny things

So a couple of things that stand out in my head are these:

Austin was playing the WII and on it there is a boxing game. So he's moving around like crazy punching the air and yelling "Apricot, Apricot, Apricot!" I thought what is he talking about. So I said Austin what are you saying? Again he says, "Apricot, Apricot!" Austin, do you mean upper cut upper cut. It was great! I still laugh.

Next Morgan rarely does things that are blog funny. But this one is great and she begged me not to blog about it. But I have to so that I can remember it. She was getting ready for Ashdon's birthday blowing up balloons. and I was up here on the computer trying to find a good cake to do for his first birthday. She come's up and says, "mom, the balloons aren't staying up in the air like they are supposed to." It's a good thing she has brown hair.

Ashdon nods yes and it's so cute! He is just so fun and so cute and makes me laugh all of the time but it's hard to explain. He loves the trampoline and his siblings.

Aden is currently hunting and was so excited when papa called and asked him to come out early with my brothers. That is a big compliment to Aden. It's means that they like him and I am so grateful.

Maryn is my shadow. I'm cooking dinner and she comes in and says, "Mom, what are we cooking." Then she plops onto the counter and tries to help. After church yesterday she came home with Adam and they got home first. I come in and she says, "Mom, we beat ya! Woo Hoo!" I then asked, "How did you beat me!" She says, "Easily!"

California camping

So in August I went home on one condition. That my parents would go camping with me. With year round school we had a two week window and so we did it. Yeah!!! We went camping. We (my dad and I) found a beautiful spot with a river that ran right next to our camp site. It was great. We hiked around, climbed trees, played in the river, and had a great time. There were some ( a ton) of meat bee's though and they were a pain but we endured and had and enjoyable time getting away from everything. Papa even played skipbo with the kids. That's amazing in and of itself. California was nice and it was so great to be with my parents. We were able to go to the Schmoekels to swim and they have a great backyard. We played outside on grass of all things and it was so wonderful. Thanks mom and dad.