Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still Pregnant

Just so all of you know I'm still pregnant. I think church is the worst cuz people just don't know what to say and they can't believe that I'm still pregnant. So all day I heard, Your still here! I wanted to say nope just stuffed a basketball there so I could get some great attention. But I didn't and I can't really blame them I understand it's a long pregnancy for everyone. Anyways, we had a great dinner tonight. Adam always cooks on Sunday he made Mustard Pork and Roasted cabbage. Delicious all the way around. The kids even liked it and most ate the cabbage. Then we made caramel and dipped pretzels and apples. Then we dipped the pretzels in chocolate and added toppings such as cooked coconut, mini m&M's, roasted pecans, etc. MMMMMMMMMMM good. Then with the apples we dipped them in white chocolate, then in brown sugar and cinnamon. Can I just say I think I've gained at least a few more pounds but man was it delicious. And it was fun too. The kids had a great time. I love the fall!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So I couldn't have that last post stay on there for very long. So I thought I would put on our fun thrush experience. Maryn got thrush, don't ask me how I do not know. So I hunted down some of the violet stuff and was warned that it stains and to be careful. So I was as careful as I could be but when she spits what are you supposed to do. Needless to say she looks a little funny when we go places. Luckily it has warn off a little bit.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Special Request

As if my busty picture from the pizza place was not enough I've been asked to put a last minute pregnant picture so all of you can remember what I look like pregnant. So here it is and I hope you don't puke. Thanks to Marianne for this special request. They may kick me off of blogger for this one. Borderline Porn!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun Fun Field Trip

So this last week we went on a very fun Field Trip. We went to the California Pizza Kitchen. They call it the CPK Kids Tour. Anyways, we get there and the kids are coloring as we wait for everyone to arrive. Then a lady gave a few facts about pizza and pizza consumption and then the kids made there own pizza's. After that they gave them a tour of the kitchen, the big freezer (they turned off the lights and all of the kids screamed really loud), the dishwashing area, ice maker, etc. And then they let them get their own drinks (if they could reach). Morgan got sprite and rootbeer mix. After that the pizza was done so the kids ate their pizza's and then they brought the dessert. The mom's got to sit at a different table and they brought us 3 different salads, then 3 different pizza's. It was so delicious. Now guess how much this all cost. Yeah that's right it was Freeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so great. The kids had a great time and so did the mom's and we all left completely full of food. WooooHoooo!

Maryn making her own pizza and so happy!

Austin had a great time!

Andrea and I enjoying our meal!

Coloring Fun!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family Reunion

We had the best family reunion in a small town called Albion Idaho. We stayed at a place called Campus Grove. It was a wonderful establishment that accomodated our large family so we could all stay together. You should check it out, there website is There was so much to do and the weather was perfect. We hardly saw the kids. We played ping pong, air hockey, fuseball, volleyball, horseshoes, rode the fun cycles, jumped in a bounce house, played smack the cracker (very fun and inexpensive) and enjoyed each others company. Many thanks to Taylor and Heidi for getting things arranged so we could have such an enjoyable time. I think pictures do more justice than me rambling on so I'll just add a few.

Just a little game called smack the cracker.

The next few pictures are with the adults.

Okay so my pictures keep getting messed up and switched around. The next few are of the talent show and then there's one of Austy in a tree. So there ya go.

The girls all wanted a turn with the Microphone.

Vanessa's kid's were very creative on such short notice and did a rendition of Hey my name is O

Taylor was well just Taylor and was very funny.

The Talent Show - The kids did a remake of the song Low they dedicated it to Grandma and then sang it. It was hilarious!

Aden did his Chicken Wings
Austy sang I Am A Child of God

Aden and Tyson playing Horse Shoes
Fun Cycles
Not so easy with a big belly and a skirt!

Maryn gave him a push and then wouldn't let go until she fell!

Mom and the girls. Oh so good to be together.
The Little Girls Eating Breakfast!

I don't think this was for the adults but they had just as much fun as the kids!

There were turkey's there. Not quite sure why but the kids liked em.

Papa and Maryn are best friends now. We don't know how it happened but she bonded with papa.

The kids had a blast in the hot tub and were pretending to be drowning. It was funny. They would also get out and run around so that it would be hotter when they got in.

The Boys and two peekers from the window!