Sunday, March 2, 2008

Beautful Weather

With the beautiful weather, always for me anyways, brings much time outside. Therefore the inside of the house becomes a shamble. I can't seem to find the balance. The outside wins most of the time because I can't seem to be able to bring myself indoors. On Monday we went on a hike across the way where there is just wide open space. We found pretty rocks and started rock collections. Austin was stuffing random rocks into his pockets. When he would walk his pants would fall down. He kept saying wait up my pants are falling off. Maryn loved to throw rocks off the side of this man made hill of sorts. Actually all of the kids loved throwing the rocks down and watching an avalanche of rocks go tumbling down. I was worried that security would show up and we would get in trouble. We also found a whole box of clay pigeons. The kids were so excited that we had to hide them and go get them later. We were out there for 2 hours then continued to play outside until it got dark. We are all getting rid of the winter whiteness and getting a bit more color in our faces. We had a leap year party with a friend of mine. The kids played musical lily pad , and leap frog over (red rover) and had cupcakes. They also made a frog out of paper plates. It was a lot of fun and just nice to be outside where there was actually grass. Mom came into town for a night and it was so fun to see her. Although it was way to short especially for the kids they had fun playing a made up game with her. Mom is such a good sport.