Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bowling Bonanza

So this week we were able to go bowling with Adam's work. Our kids love bowling and no one else plays with us on our lane because there are so many of us. We have a good time. Morgan is all girl. . . She is awkward when she bowls. She would keep getting the ball stuck on the top of the bumper. Keep in mind the bumper is to help young ones keep it out of the gutter. Well it did that she just threw it right on top of the gutter. Needless to say she came in last place with a whopping 67. It was funny the kids were helping Maryn bowl. Well Morgan was helping her and got Maryn a spare. She was so mad. She said, "I can't get myself a spare just Maryn!" Aden was hilarious to watch. He would run throw the ball and then land on the ground and watch until the ball hit the pins. He would be in the way of the other lane and he just look funny. He'd hold his hand way back kind of like professional bowlers only really exaggerated. He got a couple of strikes and spares but was still second to last at 77. Well Austin had a hard time carrying the heavy ball but would throw it. It would move so slowwwwwwlllllllly till it got to the end and most of the time he did pretty good. He came in fourth with 89. Now maryn would just run there with the kids and pretty much watch them bowl. She just loved it though, it was great. Oddly enough with such varied help she scored 90. Now this next player was hilarious. He trailed the whole game and for a while Austin was even ahead of him until the end when he actually pulled a strike out from somewhere. It was quite comical. Adam bowled terrible. I think it was the bumpers they must have thrown his game off. He was so happy that he beat both Maryn and Austin and didn't have to be humiliated to much by the game. I assured him I would let everyone know the truth about bowling. He wouldn't have to worry. He ended with a score of 97. Now for me. Considering I probably shouldn't even be bowling I didn't do to bad. I couldn't bend over with the ball so basically I would just walk up to the line swing back and drop the ball because bending over about killed me. Well WOOHOOO I came in first. I scored 136. Pretty great. I don't often beat Adam but it feels good when I do. So yeah me I'm the weiner!!! Other than that our week was pretty normal oh yeah except for the loud pop and smoke coming out from under the car. That was fun. It turned out to be some hoses on the air conditioner. You'd think cheap and easy to fix. Of course not, detailed and expensive. Great! The only good thing is that I had just taken Adee to the airport and have her car so that I am not totally stranded while the car gets fixed. Small blessings but right now I'll take anything! Love to all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This week has been a one of cleanliness. We have washed all the sheets everyday. Due to the fact that some of us have been throwing up. It's been the weirdest flu ever. One day you have it and the next you don't. So we've been shut up the whole week except for friday when we ventured out to someone's house thinking we were all good. Well let's just say we were not. So now we have been flu free for 48 hours and hopefully that is long enough because i am tired of being a shut in. I had the flu as well which was awful but Adam took a day off and took care of everything. I'm so glad because I was able to rest today I finally feel like I'm back to somewhat normal. One thing I've found out is the baby in my belly is very active. Try throwing up while literally being kicked all over inside. As well as having an upset stomach and being kicked. It's an interesting experience. Anyways, I hope I've successfully grossed most of you out. One day this week Austin burst into my room with his big blue eyes sparkling, and his big huge grin, arms spread out wide and yelled surprise. Then came and jumped on my bed and said I love you mom and gave me a hug and a kiss. That's just austin so great. Adam and I find it funny that Maryn's first full sentence and has been for a while now, "I want foooood!" We hear that a lot through out the day. Aden is starting to grow up and it's weird. One thing though is his new phase of rough housing is very frustrating. All of the kids are hurt through out the day not because he's trying to be mean just because he's to physical with them. Morgan is going through a phase of wanting to have fun hair. Luckily she doesn't mind doing it herself sometimes. Unfortunately she doesn't mind doing it herself sometimes. (if you understand my meaning)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When are you due?

So those of you who know me well and have suffered through my pregnancy's with me you'll have de ja vu. It seems as though I am always in a new ward when I get pregnant so I continue to amaze people at how big I get. Well it is the same this time. It starts when I'm about 12 weeks along and continues til the end. There are several scenarios. First it's the When are you due question. Followed by really large eyes and then the inevitable questions "Are you having twins." Lately, the switch that tells people to shut up and not continue any further is broken in every human being I meet. Because that questions is then followed with wow, your really big or wow, that can't be. Second scenarios is...Wow, you must be due any day. Which I reply No I have a few months. And the response is, "Are you sure?". To which I want to yell, Of course I'm sure you idiot would you like to know the last day of my period or rather should I show you the ultrasound picture's. I've even had a lady ask if she could touch my stomach and why was it so big because the baby isn't that big yet. What the hell? Come on now why don't you just say wow your a fat cow and there must be something wrong with you. Anyways, Sunday was no exception. First a husband of a good friend says, So, wow, you must be due any day. , Then an ultrasound tech who see's pregnant ladies all of the time said the same thing. Luckily her switch to not continue was on and she left it at that. But then I found out that I was the topic of PEC that morning. They were talking about expectant mothers and one of them said, "Well, what about sister marchant?" A counselor that knows us better just kind of snickered and said "Oh no, She has a couple of more months." What!! That can't be, came the reply. Keep in mind this gentlemens wife had twins so he's used to larger pregnancies.
So needless to say I feel as fit and slim as a large elephant and I still have 3 1/2 months to go. Wow! this should be exciting! Hope everyone else's Sunday was more complimentary then mine. Have a great day.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Aden's Baptism

Aden was baptized this last Saturday. It was a wonderful day. We had so much support from family and friends that is was just beautiful. It was stake baptisms but there was only one other girl getting baptized so we were able to personalize it a bit. Grandma and Papa Moore both gave wonderful, thoughtful prayers and Papa Marchant gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost. He really personalized it for both of the kids and made them feel special and loved. Both Papa's were the witnesses and of course all the priesthood family got to stand in the circle. It was short and sweet and the spirit was really strong. I think I should have cut Aden's hair but we've worked so hard to get it this long that I didn't want to. He didn't either but would have let me when it came right down to it. What a good boy. He's always trying to do what is right. Afterwards we had a luncheon at the stake center. It was nice because I didn't have to do a whole lot. Everyone pitched in and helped a ton. I got to sit and enjoy my food and talk with everyone there. Thank you to everyone who traveled with gas prices so incredibly high and the family and friends who are here and took time out of their busy schedules to spend it with us. I just couldn't have asked for a better time. The whole weekend was just wonderful and I worked my butt off to get the house in order. It was almost there and now it is totally destroyed again. On the fourth we spent the day at home laughing and joking and dinking around. That night we went to Adee's (my sister) house and it was so nice. We had great food and a lot of talking and laughing. It was a very comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. And when your blending two families that is pretty amazing. Plus we had fireworks and people all around us had illegal ones. They were fun to watch. Aden loves to light the fireworks which is rather scary and Maryn was freaking out when she would hear loud crackles and pops. It was great. Good food, Good Fun, Good Times. Thanks everyone I love you all. (I'll have 4th pictures posted after the batteries are charged up)

Ultrasound Pictures

Well I've finally had a few moments to get the ultrasound pictures on to the computer. Can you tell what the last picture is a picture of? You would think that by the fifth kid it would be no big deal but each one is something special and something new. He seems to be developing well and for that I am very grateful. I feel him kicking all of the time now which for those of you who know me well know that that is a very good thing. All of the kids have felt him move too and everytime Aden gives me a hug he says I can't feel the baby (as if the baby is constantly moving). Austin is constantly touching my stomach in hopes of feeling the baby as well. I'm enjoying being pregnant with my kids older so that they can remember the little things like the babies movement. I'm sure what will stand out most in their memories is that mom is just a real big witch (and a b could be substituted and fit just as well right now). I don't think I'm that bad but I'm not about to ask either.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm famous

Well I've had my 15 seconds of fame. I was on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric actually it was just some news lady who did all of the work. Anyways you can go take a look for yourself on go down to milk jugs get a makeover. Then I got to talk to the Marketing Director Dan and I asked him if the cows were given RBST hormones (he had no idea what I was talking about) but he called the vice president of Sam's Club and asked her. Just so you all know they don't. So that was exciting. Now I wish I would have put makeup on and maybe wore something different but I didn't know I was going to be on national TV I may have thought twice about it had i have known.