Sunday, June 27, 2010

The best way to get money out of a cassette player

Yes I said cassette player. Our car being a 2001 still has that feature. I know you all wish you could have one too. Well Ashdon likes to play in the car and yes put money (change) into the cassette player. I wouldn't really care seeing that we don't own any cassettes anymore, yes I said anymore I am that old. However, it messes up the cd player, the time and the radio. So being the crafty person I am I had to get the money out. I tried tweezers, they aren't long enough and it is hard to pinch them. So I had to get creative. I tried tape, not tacky enough. So I resorted to kabob sticks, and a piece of marshmallow. It works awesome. So there is your tip of the day. Marshmallows get money out of cassette players.