Friday, May 28, 2010

Toys are way cool!

With Adam's new job. . . Oh wait I don't think I have mentioned that. Adam got a new job. YEAH!! He now works for Farmers as a claims adjuster. He really likes it, although I think he is ready to be done training and out adjusting. I am ready for him to have his company car because one car stinks. Although some friends of ours have been really helpful. There son hurt his foot so could not drive for a while and they let us borrow his car and then they have a scooter that we are currently borrowing. Adam drives it to work and everyday I am grateful to see him walk in the door. The license plate was lost/stolen not sure which so we are waiting for a replacement one. Adam did have an incident on it though. Some guy pulled out in front of him and he swerved so that he would not hit him, the scooter slid from under him, and road rash was received. Luckily Adam was okay, and the scooter is okay too. I am happy that Adam likes his job though, that makes a lot of difference. Now hopefully we can transfer in about 18 months out of las vegas. Don't get me wrong I love where I live, the weather, the people but there are no trees and no grass. I need that! So anyways, one of his toys is a lap top. So right now I am in the car (which is why I have the time) posting on the lap top. He got a lot of cool little toys and loves them.

This is going to be a long post because frankly I have 2 1/2 hours to kill. Sorry no pictures but I will on the next one.

Aden was a part of Battle of the books. It was a neat opportunity. He was a part of a team where they would read 5 books then the librians made questions and they would battle it out like Jeapordy. He was the team leader. I think those opportunities are really good to help them learn and grow. He did really good and could remember a lot. I was really impressed. He never ceases to amaze me by the things he does. I want him to learn to be a good leader because I think leaders, good leaders, are hard to come by these days.

Morgan is an exellent helper. I had to help out with the school fair for 1/2 hour, Adam and Aden were at Battle of the books so what does one do when they have kids that want to play games and I can't do it. Ask a friend to help no let an 8 year old push a stroller around with 2 kids in it and Austin on the loose. She was amazing. Not once did she come looking for me, they had played games and even got their nails painted. They had used all of their tickets so they were just watching the games. I was floored and impressed and so happy. She is so responsible when necessary. I give the kids a lot of responsibility out of necessity and they rise to the occasion and I see a glimpse of the future. Them as competent adults and then they are bickering and fighting again. Back to reality.

Austin - why is it that when he goes to take a shower he will cover himself running down the hall to the bathroom and then not 2 minutes later he will say mom watch me and he's jumping up and down dancing buck naked. That happens on a regular occurance. He is changing, get your head out of the gutters, I've moved on to new topics. His personality . .

This is where lap tops and wireless is not cool. It lost the rest of my post so I'm done now. Sorry to leave you all hanging.