Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scentsy Consultant

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am a scentsy consultant. I'm having a big open house here at my house on Friday, May 1st, from 4-6 pm. Kids are welcome! And everyone is invited. This is something new for me and very intimidating so I thought I'd just through this on my blog for all of those who read it and if you like this and are not from here you can still order things off my website by clicking the scentsy button on the side bar. Thanks so much, Kollen

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cha Ching Easter Came!!

Well this is going to go backwards because that's just how it is.

wanted some pictures of Easter so I took some of our kids. Here are my lovely boys. Wow is all I have to say!!!

And beeeaauuutifulllll!!! Oh except for morgans snaggle tooth which is loose and is stuck in a funky position. And I'm probably the only that notices.

Okay so this above picture has some explaining to do. On Saturday we went to an Easter Egg Hunt here in our neighborhood. We got a free breakfast from Sonic. It was pretty good and they were very generous. Then the hunts were scheduled at different times by age group and wouldn't you know I had one in each age group. They had it all spread out so that I would have to be there from 10:30 to 12:30. Crazy. And then to top it off the kids in the front of the pack get 9 eggs and then those who are a little slower get like 1 or 2. So needless to say Austin was crying. Maryn didn't care she just wanted to open the eggs she had and eat the candy. So we did two age groups and then went to another Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by a church. There's are the best because they do it all at once and have it sectioned off for each age group if that makes any sense. And then they have a raffle afterwards (we didn't have to purchase raffle tickets they just gave you one per kid). Now this is where it's good to have a gazzillion kids. We first one the raffle for the girls ages 2-4 for Maryn so she got that lovely piano that's in the picture. I was thinking cool we never win anything. And then Aden's ticket won the grand prize which was a Nintendo DS. I can not tell you how long he has wanted one of those. I was screaming kind of. Cuz I don't like to bring to much attention to myself but you can't look ungrateful and just say oh look it's me I won again. So I gave the ladies hugs and I'm sure they wanted to convert me to there church which did sound appealing it being casual dress and all and only an hour. But I think I'll stick with the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints it being the true church and all. I felt a little guilty but not too much. Morgan was all upset because she didn't win anything and that wasn't fair. I said hey the DS is for all of us and then of course Aden starts getting all possesive. Hey it was my ticket. I tell you what I'm gonna go give that DS back and let somebody else have it. Anyways, And then after that I had to go to Albertsons because strawberries were on sale for 99 cents a lb. You can't beat that and I needed to make more strawberry jam. So while I was in there I keep hearing this thing about an easter egg hunt so I call adam tell him to bring the kids into the store. They hide eggs in 3 or 4 isles and let the kids go at it for about 2 minutes. Then they hand out these fabulous prizes. Again Austin is crying because he couldn't find any eggs. But I helped Aden because I saw a lady hiding some after they'd started. So he generously gave Austin an egg. So in a nutshell the kids made bank on easter stuff. Maryn - Barbie, water gun, goggles, piano, and candy which was her favorite part Austin - Soccer ball, pen, paper pad Morgan - Hannah Montana doll wooo whooo Aden - Shirt, pen, and a nerf gun
I tell ya I felt like I had a million bucks. I was so tempted to go play a slot machine cuz I bet I'd a won the jack pot. To bad I don't believe in gambling. I'm glad the night before when we were coloring Easter Eggs we talked about the importance of easter and the true meaning of it. Adam gave an object lesson that the kids could really understand. I hope that sticks out in there memories better then all they stuff they got for free. The Easter bunny was generous and brought DS games.
On Easter the Easter bunny did an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt sending the kids up and down the stairs hunting for their clues. It was great and the kids absolutely loved it. All of the said that this was the best Easter Ever. Well Thank you Easter Bunny.

So we were able to go to Blythe for my Grandpa's Birthday. It was so wonderful seeing them and some of my other relatives. Well my grandparents have some citrus trees which there is nothing better than eating fruit fresh from the tree. So in this picture is the contrast from a store bought lemon and a good lemon from the tree. The first fruit is a grapefruit, then a lemon from grandpa's tree, then a store bought lemon. We are paying to get ripped off is all I have to say. While we were picking fruit Austin wanted to eat a lemon. I told him it was sour but he didn't care he wanted it. So I peeled it for him took a sliver off like an orange and he put the whole piece in his mouth. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. His eye's were watering he could hardly stand it. It was the funniest thing ever because it's just like Austin. He hands me the rest of the lemon and says, I don't want anymore. Ya think ha ha ha ha ha.

We got to go Ice Skating for a friends party. They had a skate for Maryn. She could hardly stand up well with daddy but with me helping her she did better. But she only lasted about 5 min The kids had a great time though and really enjoyed themselves.

These are my very cute grandparents. I love them so much.!

Let's see now, Ashdon is trying to sit up, he has 2 bottom teeth and he loves to stick his tongue out and blow making the tongue vibrate against his lips.

Maryn is a poser and loves to pose for pictures often sticking her but out I don't know where she gets that from.

And now I have to go so I will post more later


Well I want to post pictures but the browse button doesn't work so until I can figure it out or it fixes itself I won't be posting much of anything.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Austin. . .is anyone home .

Sometimes I wonder if Austin is running on all cylinders. He reminds me of my brother whom we always said was in Lolo's land. And he'll admit that he was often wandering in his thoughts. I cannot tell you how many times I've thought "What in the Hell's the matter with you!", or a wonderful phrase learned from my father. .. Use your head. It takes all of my strength to not strangle him. So today he's eating almonds. I like that he enjoys nuts because they are healthy for you. He's throwing them in the air and trying to catch them in his mouth. I'm trying to get ready for company so I'm not really paying much attention. I come down to the kitchen a little bit later to throw something away and in the trash are about 20 to 30 nuts. I just bought the bag of nuts yesterday and they are not cheap. So I'm livid. Why are these nuts in the trash???? Austin says, well they fell on the ground so I had to throw them away (He's so much like his father no 10 second rule or nothing). I didn't know what to say except here is what I said. What is wrong with you? I just mopped the floor so they are not even dirty, and that's a waste of money, I can't believe you would do that. You can't have anymore nuts and you are going to eat those out of the trash can. Blah blah blah blah. So being the good son that he is he comes to the trash and timidly grabs an almond and just as he's about to put it into his mouth.....I come to my senses and say don't eat it. Whew that was close! Anyways, needless to say he's forgotten about it completely. He's in Austy land it must be nice there, he's there a lot.

On another note, Aden tried a new cereal today. Instead of pouring a small bowl just to taste it he pours his normal size which is a lot. He then decides he doesn't like it. I again get irritated because it's such a waste so I tell him your going to eat it. He gags down a couple more bites and then decides he's done. I say fine but your owe me 5 dollars. He comes down with 5 dollars in change, "Morgan wastes food all of the time and she doesn't have to pay money for it. Why do I have to do it." I can't believe he actually got money. He must of really not liked that cereal.

So I think I'm borderline pshycotic maybe one of these days I'll have something that doesn't make me seem so crazy.