Monday, September 27, 2010

funny tid bits

Maryn calls a praying mantis a pretty mantis not because she thinks it's pretty she just thinks that is what it is called.

Austin was saying prayers and is trying to expand what he is praying for. So at dinner he blessed Grandma and Papa Moore's food and that it would make them healthy and strong. On another occasion he blessed Grandma and Papa marchant to sleep in their beds all night long. Papa marchant does need that help so hopefully it worked for them.

Aden got on braces and an expander (I'll post pictures when I am not to lazy to download them). His mouth hurts and he does an amazing sid the sloth (from ice age) impression. But now that he sounds funny, you can't get him to stop talking. I think like all kids he loves the attention.

Morgan's teacher has them pick words ie, honest, trustworthy, positive, etc. and they have to read the definition, discuss it and try to be that all week. Well as Morgan was arguing with me she said, "Mom, you are making it so hard for me to be a peacemaker!" Yep that was her word and it was the hardest word for her ever.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Hiney Shot

So on our way home from church we pass a wal greens where they are advertising a shot. Aden says, "Mom, I don't get it. Why for the hiney shot do they do H1N1?" I couldn't help but crack up. "Because it is the H 1 N 1 shot not the Hini (hiney) shot." Ha Ha ha ha ha.

A quick update: (and by quick I mean really long so enjoy)

*Summer in a nutshell: =craziness! My sister with her six kids was here for a month so of course it was a party every night and day for a month. We, my sister and I, snuck in a camping trip. Two adults and 11 children. It was awesome, and we felt like the coolest mom's ever. It was so great. Then for the month of July we all headed to Cali to help get the yard ready for a wonderful wedding reception for my brother Logan and his wife Amanda. (It was a great wedding and the yard was awesome.) I was in heaven working outside everyday. It was such a bummer to come back to a place where the most yard work is trimming the front bush, yep I said bush singular. 15 minutes after arriving at a pool, rush to 5 different Urgent Cares to get his chin stiched up from a fight with the pavement (the pavement won). Just to learn that he can't swim at all with the stitches in. (Don't worry it was harder on Mom than it was on Austy). August we went to Williams AZ for a rain soaked, wake up to flash flood warnings, trees falling over nearly missing a vehicle because it was so soaked from the rain, quickly throw everything into a vehicle including kids (which isn't easy because camping you have so much stuff anyway), get the van stuck in the mud, get pulled out and cross the flooding river amongst cheers from all the cousins and families, cut the weekend short by a day, camping trip. It was insane! Good times, good memories, Great family, awesome kids.

*After a successful day and a half of homeschooling I realized I didn't like the program and wasn't prepared to teach 3 kids from my home. I couldn't eat, sleep, and breath it like I would need to.

* Signed the kids up for public school (got them some good teachers so they could get a good edumication)

*Started public school on Thursday of the first week of school.

*A totally new respect for Homeschooling ladies

*Because of this, though, we have instituted some great things
1. Scripture study, complete with there own binders that I am very proud of. This is the only part of homeschooling I really enjoyed because I owned it and did what I wanted to do with it. The binders are way neat and studying has made a huge difference in our house. (We're not perfect yet so no translation to Heaven but hopefully we will be better than we were the day before)
2. Super Saturday Activities: I found we waste a lot of time on saturday's. There is no yard work here and so we do our inside chores then waste time. So I have instituted a super saturday activity where we can do science, art, history, cooking, etc. We can do as many as we want. It's not every saturday mind you but this helps me feel as though I am activily teaching my kids something. I am trying to do things they can't do in a classroom because of cost or preparation etc. They will also have a folder where they will do recording, writing, etc. of our activities.
3. I have realized that I am too easy on my kids. I read this book where it showed a paragraph that was written for 14 year olds to read. I could hardly understand it. I was amazed and thought, wow, yeah our kids are smart and they can handle and do more.
4. We also have a morning routine.
5. I am getting organized (I seriously have issues with organizational skills. I would say it is one of my weakest areas, that and consistancy)
6. We are reading more. We are reading as individuals, a family and to kids separately. We did it before but it wasn't consistant. The kids love it, even Aden who could have read a book in one day but waited patiently every night for Adam to read it aloud to him. Why is reading aloud good for kids? Read a book called the Read aloud hand book.
7. We have very little time for T.V. and electronics in general. In fact the rule now is that they don't come on during Monday through Thursday. I want my time to be spent doing better things, important things. Don't get me wrong this is how Adam relaxes and so it does suck me in but it's a bit less now.
8. I am finding the time, desire, energy to actually do the things I have talked about like setting, making, and keeping traditions. Like Fun, Friend Friday. Making things important, spotlighting a child when they accomplish good things.

I hope this lasts. I hope I can be better.

* Found a nice place to go camping 30 minutes away. Yeah! When will we squeeze it in? No idea. But knowing me I will figure out something. Nature is my friend and my peace.

*Went to Cedar City (where I learned that my blog is not updated often enough for someone who says he has no life, I think he lives vicariously through me so all summer he hasn't known what he's done) and helped clean out Cedar Builders. Wow what a huge building but I love working hard. We inventoried, stacked, counted, moved boxes, broke down boxes, broke down huge shelves, swept, ate popcorn. . . and at the end of the day Uncle Kirk decided to have an asthma attack. His first one. Grandma watched the kids, I was in Heaven again. I could work hard for a whole day and the only butt I had to wipe was my own. Yipppeee! Brought home blueberries, and boysenberries.

*Made peach boysenberry jam, lots of smoothies. And one of my favorite snacks, vanilla yogurt, cottage cheese, roasted almonds and frozen blueberries. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGood! I am waiting to get completely over a cold and I am making peach boysenberry cobbler. I can't wait.

* Took Austin and Ash to the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat). Ash is fine of course, why he gets so sick when he has a cold is beyond me. Austy however, has enlarged adenoids that cause dark circles around his eyes because there is not enough airflow to clear it up or something like that. It also causes him to not be able to breath through his nose making him a mouth breather or something of that sort. He has enlarged tonsils, and possibly something in his throat. (they are going to check it out when they put him under). Does he snore the ENT asks? I don't know I don't sleep with him and I have never really noticed. So I say no not really. Then Austin pipes up, "Morgan and Aden say I snore." Oh, I guess I should have consulted with the kids that actually sleep by him.

*Aden is getting some orthodontic work done to correct his bite, spread his mouth open so that all the teeth trying to come in will fit in his mouth. It's expensive but it is so worth it. The smile is everything for a face. I would spend a whole lot more if it meant straight teeth.

*Afternoon activities have started and I feel crazy just thinking about what on earth am I supposed to get the kids to this week. Yeah, I can't remember!

This is us, and i bet it sounds an awful lot like most of you and your crazy lives. We are livin' it up, and living each moment.