Monday, December 15, 2008

Funny Austin

So somebody delivered cookies to us tonight, rang the doorbell and ran. So the kids get the plate and it is made out to brother marcheunt. So Adam says "They are mine, see Brother Marcheunt." And clever Austin says, "Well, I get some too because I'm a brother Marchant because I'm a boy." He sure is. And he sure knows how to get what he wants. There's always a way around a problem for Austin.

hay ride

The Anderson Dairy Hay Ride Adventure!!!!

The Semi Truck! It had music and a microphone so everything was loud!

Austin and his daddy! Wow they look alike!

The cop that came to report the accident. The semi hit a cab rounding a corner! It delayed us a little bit but it was fun and funny. Probably not for the truck driver though.

It was a bit chilly but we had so much fun. The kids loved standing up while the truck was moving and dancing to the music. They also loved waving to the crowds. We drove up and down the strip. It was great when one of those advertisement trucks came right along side us with a ronchy lady in a nasty pose. Aden was good and just turned around. Some of the other boys were staring so I was happy. He knows! It was fun to watch the crowds on the strip they would wave and dance and shout and even take pictures. After wards we got hot chocolate and dough nuts and milk all provided. It was a great time. Anderson Dairy has the best chocolate milk. We had such a great time.
Aden had a great time with his friends. In fact he could have cared less that we were even there! I think this getting older thing is weird. Now Aden is too cool to sit on santa's lap or even stand next to him so i could get a picture. What is that about.

Ashdon had way to much fun and was all tuckered out. Oh wait he slept the whole time too. He's an awesome baby.

So we have been really busy! We had a fun christmas party that we went to. Morgan was in her first play at school and that was fun. Although Maryn fell asleep so I had Ash in the mobe and Ryn on my side. She's squishing ashdon he's screaming and we're trying to find Morgans jacket. Right then I thought. Where are all of the people I know and why is nobody offering to help me. Oh well we got to the car no worse for the wear. Well babies asleep so I need to rush around and get things done.