Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blog Guilt

I hate that I have guilt over not updating my blog weekly and putting pictures in. Well I just don't feel like it. I hate that I can spend 1 1/2 hours on the computer without even blinking there the time goes. So I've kind of been anti blog, but the guilt has gotten to me and so here I am. It's not to bad though cuz I'm not going to put on pictures right now but I will give a little update of everyone and any humourous moments I can recall (which shouldn't be to many because my memory is failing completely). The other day I told a lady that I was 33. I asked Adam the next day how old am I and he said ummm, 32. I just started giggling because it reminded me of the silly little things my mom does. I love my mom so I don't care that I'm a lot like her. Adam's Birthday was yesterday and he is 33. It was a fun day and I was actually a little on top of things. I had remembered to get his presents in advance and the kids and I had discussed what we should do for breakfast. So I woke up early and made coffee cake, then went walking. Came back and made eggs and bacon. It was a good breakfast. Usually the kids come to me about 10:30 needing a snack. Well not that day. They didn't say anything until 12:30. It was great. I had a lot of energy so I got a lot done. I won't say what I did because when I actually form it into words it sounds so piddly and small but I worked hard all day. At 2:00 in the afternoon I remembered to make a birthday cake so that was good. We went to a movie (iron man, Adam's choice) and got popcorn. It was funny I walk up to the counter and adam is still looking at the choices a little behind and the guy says, "Hello, gorgeous!" I was flattered but a little shocked he'd do that with my husband standing 2 feet away. Once he realized Adam was with me he apologized to adam and then gave us a great deal on the popcorn. Adam didn't even hear him so it was funny. That morning Aden said, Dad already knows one of the presents he was getting because Michael and McKenna (friends) were talking about it. Adam said Oh I didn't hear anything. And Aden says, Well they said they already have it and are going to watch it later. We started cracking up because Adam really hadn't known anything and now he did. He got a tie, National Treasure, and a book. That same day I was trying on some pants and they came to my hips then wouldn't go any further. So Austin says, "Mom, maybe your just to fat." Thank you Austin.