Sunday, May 31, 2009

A picture post

So here is an update with pictures.

My Brother and his family came to visit. I don't know why but I don't have a single picture of his wife and I feel awful. We had a really good time. It was fun to have them here and to just play around. We had a fun time with the game called PIT. Don't have to have much brain just a loud mouth and we are all really good at that. Here is my bro riding the skateboard. I was way impressed that he could do it. He biffed it twice but other than that did an awesome job.

Here are the girls in the backyard playing with the rocks. We couldn't get them all to look at the same time. It was one or the other.

Austin was in Basketball with the community center. He loved it and he improved immensely. Here he is with Coach Cookie (I thought it was a weird nick name considering I have an uncle that has the same nick name and actually uses it on a regular basis too.)

He was great at stealing the ball from his opponents. He wasn't the best at dribbling down the court but by the end of the classes he was doing much better.

I just put this one on because it reminded me of the swimsuit editions in magazines. Here's our model in training. Just kidding.

Ashdon's first time swimming and shocker he loved it. What a cutey. Who is getting around quite well. Still not completely crawling but will army crawl everywhere, eat everything on the ground, and is now pulling himself up to things and standing. He loves to stand it is his favorite thing. He is so completely happy. I think he wants to run around and be just one of the big kids. His skin is awful he feels like an alligator or something with really rough skin. Maryn's skin however has cleared up completely when I changed detergents.

Memorial weekend I was getting the bug to just get out of dodge and do something. So Saturday we rushed over to Boulder City (which I love because it has big trees and grass. You feel like your in a regular small town) to the BEST DAM (as in Hoover dam) BBQ. The kids did a 3 legged race and one a cookie, they also did a seed spitting contest, and tug of war. Smart n Final had a booth and was giving away free candy bars and things. Ithink that was the kids favorite part. Then we rushed home to go swimming with some friends, then rushed home again to go out to dinner for ad's birthday. It was a busy fun day. Well on Monday I didn't just want to sit around and do nothing so again I hauled my family to Mount Charleston. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! We had a picnic lunch and then went on a hike. I thought I picked a fairly easy hike but it was a steady incline all the way. The kids did great and as you can see it wore ashdon right out all that walking. This was at the top of the hike.
The hike led to a creek and then a small canyon we think. We saw the creek and decided that was far enough for the kids. They took their shoes off and played in the water. Aden kept asking if the water was okay to drink and it probably was but I didn't want to risk it.

We stopped a lot to remove rocks from our shoes. I guess that's what we get when we wear crocs to go hiking.

What a handsome guy. Adam was great and indulged me. We sure were tired and wished we had Tuesday to rest.

What a cute bunch of kids.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Funny things!

So just a quick (yeah right) update on us:

We've been doing a lot and I am drawing a blank so here are the highlights of the kids

Aden: Aden is getting older and now I realize I need to read his books before he reads them. Mind you he will stay up for hours reading. We have to tell him to stop reading and to be honest he is so quiet we forget about him. So He checked a book out of the school library called Ice Fire. No biggy seems alright. Well after he is all finished he tells me about a part in the book where this guy is kissing another guys girlfriend and I'm praying that that is all they are doing. And then I'm wondering how much is it describing because I know some of the books I read and how descriptive they were. I wanted to ask how much did it describe and please tell me it didn't say anything about hands moving around anywhere. I tell ya I don't have time to read my own books let alone his books too. So we talked about it and how kissing is not good until you are older. He said, "Yeah this guy was in college. But why would someone writing a book for kids put kissing in it!" I'm thinking the same thing. Aden seems so older than his age it is hard. We have him practicing babysitting and let me tell you he is really stepping it up. He does a great job and wants a list of things he has to do. It's great to watch his whole demeanor change when he knows he's in charge. The hard thing though is a friend of ours pays her daughter. I don't know what to do I never got paid it was just expected. I can understand her reasoning but at the same time I don't know what to do. We are thinking of just giving him some more privileges. Ah we'll see. He also did his hair one day this week. It is a step up from him not caring that he looks like a cockatoo.

Morgan: Morgan has lost 4 teeth. One in December that still has not come in. Aden's have come in pretty straight. i'm afraid that morgans are going to come in all messed up. So far not too bad. She was part of a spotlight in school. Adam and I had to write her a letter telling her why we appreciate her. That was really fun. You hope your kids know that you love them but it's good for them to hear specifics as to why. One big thing that both Adam and I wrote was about how big a help she is with Ashdon and Maryn. It's hard separating Morgan and Aden. We require so much from her and from Aden that they sometimes seem the same age but alas they are not and I don't know how to fix that. She loves to make funny faces when we take her picture.

Austin: So funny story. I was nursing Ashdon and Austin asked, "Why does milk come out of your boobies." I replied, "To feed the baby and that is how God made it. It's healthy for them and that's just how it is." Austin stares at me for a while then says, "I wish I could suck on your boobies, but I can't." I tell you what I was rollin laughing so hard tears were coming out. Eventually he said, "Mom stop laughing." To which I replied, "I can't that was so funny but don't say it again." I was having a very stressful day one day and he had been around me when I was destressing by telling Adam everything. When we get home he goes to play with the neighbors. Shortly I get a phone call, "So Austin tell's me your having a very crappy day." So I have to be careful what I say around him. I often think he's in his own world but he definately absorbs a lot.

Maryn: She loves to dance and shake her hips. I'm sure she got her moves from her dad. Heaven knows my hips don't move that way. She also has a fun boobie story. She came to me one day and asked why I had boobies so I answer and I tell her that someday when she is older she will have boobies too. With a look of awww. "I will have boobies too when I grow up." Yep "I'm going to go tell Austy that I will have boobies when I grow up" I'm sure the Austy will experience a little boobie envy.

Ashdon: He gets around and eats a lot. It costs about 15 dollars a week jus to feed that kid. I can't believe it. But he sure is happier when he's full. He'll be on his stomach and he does the army crawl really well, he'll stiffen his legs and toes to raise his body off of the floor in an effort to cover more space. He also tries to pull himself up to things already. I can't believe it time flies. Just an update Adam didn't fax the paper over for the voting for cutest baby until 5:10 and the cut off was 5:00 so he missed it. We still know that he is the cutest baby.

So in a nutshell that's us.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vote for ME!!

So we've entered ashdon into a baby contest. We are not sure if voting makes a difference but just in case if you have a few minutes could you stop by and vote for ashdon. As of Sunday night it is not up yet but hopefully it will be soon.

Now on to the good stuff. Mothers day was good. I chose to celebrate it on Saturday so I could actually enjoy it. And it made sunday not so bad. Sunday's a terrible day to have Mother's and Father's day. So I changed it and I'm so glad I did. Adam cooked breakfast while I slept in, the kids gave me a pedicure complete with scrubbing off the dead skin. Then presents and I got many sweet things from my kids. Aden and morgan of course made stuff at school so Austin not to be outdone ran downstairs and came back up with a grocery bag taped to a newspaper ad. "Here mom it's a magazine holder so you don't get your hands dirty." Man that kid just takes care of himself. He adjusts so easily it's awesome. Aden had to go outside and didn't have a shirt on instead of going upstairs he slips on one of Ashdon's onsies. He wouldn't let me get a picture but I don't see stairs in our next house. We are all to lazy for that. So a bit of bad news for Aden. His bike was stolen. We are not sure when or how but pretty sure it was when the kids were outside playing. We leave the garage open so they can get in easily. They come in and out about a gazillion times. And now no bike. I feel just ticked off that someone thinks they have to right to our things. We've prayed to get it back but it hasn't landed on our doorstep. That would be nice. We've searched and searched for it. To no avail. Morgan has been well just wonderful as always. She is my big helper and yes she complains but she does a lot for me and I appreciate her. She still has her snaggle tooth and can't seem to pull it I'm so tempted to do it in her sleep. Austin is doing basketball and loves it. I love the community center. It's a skills class and they are teaching them some really good stuff. The games are the best and him running up and down the court waving is precious. Maryn is two but thinks she's three because the kids confuse her. And she doesn't believe me when I tell her she's just two. She went up on the stand with the older kids today to sing for primary. She and Austin waved to me. I was on the second row because I had to lead so that was fun. Ashdon is sitting up sometimes he falls but for the most part he does great. He can creep or roll across the entire floor to get what he wants. He's amazing. I'm afraid he'll be crawling really soon and then walking because he loves to stand. He wants to be with the big kids so bad.