Sunday, April 20, 2008

Always Comical Here!!

We've had some fun. Grandma and Grandpa were here for Adrianne's production. It was fun to have them here. Thank you mom for all of your wonderful help here around the house. It was a huge relief. I'm feeling better but not quite up to par so this is just another post of the little comedians in my life. I was having one of those bad days and had to throw up. I'm usually in the kitchen when this happens so I just throw up in the sink. As I'm throwing up Maryn brings a stool over to the sink (to get a better look I guess) and then laughs every time I dry heave. It was great. Also the other day I threw up with all the kids in the kitchen and not a single one seemed to even notice or care. Aden kept asking me questions and Morgan plainly states, "Oh, mom's throwing up." Well thanks for the love! There's a little song the kids sing that goes, down down baby I can do karate, etc. Well Austin likes to sing Dam Dam baby. I corrected him but he said no it's dam dam. Austin gave a talk in church today. It was on Following the prophet. He was great. He of course said what I told him to say and then sang solo the chorus to the song Follow the Prophet. The other night I left to go to book club and as I'm backing out of the driveway I hear screaming (mind you the windows in the van were all closed so it must have been pretty loud) I roll the window down and see Austin in his upstairs bedroom window crying, Mom, where are you going. I tell him. Still crying, "I love you mom, come back mom. I love you mom." I'm not sure what the neighbors think of us. We went to Ward FHE and during the lesson all of the kids sit up front. Well Austin kept turning around and waving to Adam continuously through the whole thing. The teacher kept calling on him because he thought he had something to say. That boy loves his daddy. The other day I asked him to go upstairs to get me a diaper and he screams, "stop asking me to do that, Ugh!" So I looked at him and said, "Okay, stop asking for food, and chocolate milk, and I won't make dinner or lunch, oh and don't ask me to wipe your but when your done going pooh!" He said, "Oh, okay, I'll get the diaper." He learned a lot faster than the other kids that's for sure. Morgan is more of my drama queen rather than a comedian so everything is just dramatic. When she gets hurt don't worry I think all of Las Vegas can hear her screaming. Well that's all for now.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Funny Moments

I just wanted to add some funny things my kids have said or done. We were driving and there was a motorcyclist driving a little crazy. Aden says, "It must be a woman driving because it's all crazy." It was a man. Austin was in the tub with Maryn and she pooped so they got out. While Adam was putting them in the other tub Austin says, "Dad, Maryn went poop this way and then she went poop and she pooped out a raisin Dad. A RAISIN....(laughing hysterically)!" Maryn would babble aimlessly and then bend over mouth wide open laughing and wait for me to do the same. I actually started laughing for real because it was so cute. Morgan should write for mad libs. See if you can figure it out. to mom, i hop u fl bdr.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Some News

Well there is a reason that I have not updated my blog. I haven't been feeling very well but I think I'm starting to feel better. Although I don't have time to or energy to write a whole lot. So yes for all of you who are wondering we are pregnant again. It was an accident. I was trying to decide if we were done and so I just said we are on hold because I couldn't figure it out. Well I guess I got my answer. Although I am just in the first trimester and I haven't always had great success there so but I don't usually get sick when that happens either. I've definately been sick. I will update more as I feel better so for now this is it. Oh and for the question your all thinking so are you done? The answer is Hell Yeah!! Sorry for the language but I can't think of a better way to say it. Sorry to my grandma if she reads this and my mother who will just be mortified that her daughter could actually use a word like that and my mother-in-law and anyone else who had higher expectations of me, however remember I'm hormonal and you never know what will happen or what a hormonal women can say or do. I love you all.