Sunday, February 15, 2009

ungrateful kids

ST. Valentine comes every year knocks on the door and leaves presents. Well this year he got Madagascar 2. It being a little more expensive that and some M&M's were the only thing he brought. The kids get the door and the first thing that comes out of their mouths is. That's all. Last year we got more things. I was livid. Morgan was ready to cry because there wasn't more and all i wanted to do was take the present back and everything the kids own back. I usually take pictures but I had no desire too have that memory documented in a photo. So needless to say no picture with this post. Aden is getting really good at babysitting. So we were able to go to In-n-out with some good friends. In-n-Out you may ask, is not a very romantic place to go for valentines. However, it's colors are red and white and we had a gift card so we were able to go and do that (thanks, uncle bubby) After that our friends were very accommodating and came back to our house for Dessert. It was so nice and so fun.

The other day the kids were showing how far they could stretch sitting on the ground, with their legs in front and bending over touching their foreheads to the ground. Well Maryn tried it and not being able to do it she then laid flat on her belly and put her forehead on the ground. "See, I can do it!"

Aden said, "I've learned not to tell adults things." I said what do you mean. He said, "Well, I just know not to tell them things that I know that they don't know. I know to not tell them how things are supposed to be done."

So Adam didn't think he had to worry about his girls til later but no it has started already. A lady came up to me one day and said her son had a crush on morgan. No big deal she can't stand the kid. So I go to her school to help out in the class during the valentines party. I really go because Austin and Maryn walk away feeling like they had a valentines party too. Anyways, so there is this big valentine bag on this boys desk and someone asks "who's that for." I thought surely for the teacher. He said, It's for Morgan. I couldn't believe it. This kid bought her a card that said, How long will i love you on the inside is a hamster and it says furever. (not a typo) He also got her a large heart shaped box of chocolates that said you are special, and a soft pick stuffed dog. It was crazy. What are the parents thinking. The mom who was also there said yeah I've scrapbooked a page that says Ryan's firstgrade crush. AWWWWWWWW Adam is wigging out about it. Heck so am I.

Austin spins his arm around like it's not in the socket. So he's spinning it and says hey mom I'm going so fast you can't even see my arm can you. Can you see my arm. Nope I told you. Just so you know I could see it.