Monday, August 31, 2009

July 24th Up to Cedar

I don't know why but I love shooting and I love guns. It is one of my favorite things and I want to own my own. Someday!! I want to become a really good shot that's my goal. My father-in-laws hand gun is heavy and I stink at shooting it. I couldn't hit anything. I was a little afraid of it too. It just seemed so dangerous. When Austin had it in his hands I was so scared. Of all my kids he'd be the one to shoot someone or his own toe. But Adam was right behind him helping him hold it up. All the boys had a great time and were decent shots themselves. Oh and hand guns are extremely loud. I could not here a thing when I was done. Thanks to Grandma for keeping Ashdon so I could go.

Wow what do they call this neat green stuff?

We went to the green show but the kids didn't want to watch it so we did a lot of tricks in this beautiful green grass. Something we don't see very often living in the desert.
Again we tried to squeeze as much in as we possibly could. Oh so why did we go to Cedar. Well for the 24th of july of course. They have a parade and a breakfast that we just couldn't pass up. Crazy the things we do. We also love to spend time with family and 3 hours is a lot easier to do than 10 hours (to my family).

A blast from the past

The Fourth of July -
I know but just like my laundry I'm way behind and happy just to be breathing. My parents came for the 4th and so did Logan. We squeezed in as much as you can for a three day weekend. It was fun. We went swimming, on to the Bass Pro Shop to watch the fish feeding, slept a bit. Then off to Mount Charleston for a picnic and hiking. It was a nice short hike but straight up. We reached a small waterfall, complete with graffitti and a Mary statue (I don't know, it was weird). It was beautiful up there and it was so much cooler than vegas. Morgan does not like hiking. I think because it actually takes effort. But I plan on hiking the complaining out of her until she loves it. After which we went to Adrianne and Gregg's House for a fabulous party where we got to not only eat great food but also the wonderful shave ice oh and did I mention illegal fireworks. It was great.

It was so nice to have my parents and Logan here. I'm grateful that they don't mind traveling to see us. We have such a great time. It's never long enough.