Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well it's about time!

I know I know. I just can't seem to find the time to blog but I want this for memories so I am going to try to start again. Today was stake conference and it was good. I always feel like I've been in a wrestling match when all is said and done. I really feel as though I need to wear a comfy outfit to church it would be much easier. I left today with bits and pieces of each talk and I'm hoping the things that I remember are the things that I needed to hear the most. As mom's isn't that what every Sunday is like. I always hope I walk away with one thing to improve on. I think that is one reason why I love adult religion class so much (aka Institute). I love getting into the scriptures and really applying them to my life. I am hoping that I learn how to do that on my own. You would think at my age that wouldn't be an issue but it is. The missionaries came over today and for me it is always a bit awkward trying to talk with them. I don't know why but I run out of things to ask. Anyways, they had sat down and talked for a little while, I realized I didn't ask if they needed a drink or anything. So I say, "Do you guys need something?". I'm thinking water, food, etc. But I could tell by the shifting of positions and his stammering that he thought something totally different. I might as well have said, Why on earth are you here and make it snappy so you can get out of here. I had to quickly try to save it. I felt so retarded. Meanwhile the whole time they are here Austin is throwing a paper airplane, the kids are making noises and there is just a general ruckus going on. Then Maryn takes a nerf gun and shoots Aden in the eye. And then as they are leaving Austin has this balloon that he has blown up way to big and it just pops. It was so loud. I was 2 feet away and my ears were ringing. Austin was holding the balloon so it popped right by his ear. He starts to cry and says my ear is ringing. The look on his face suggested that he thought he did some permanent damage to his ear. And being the loving mother that I am I start cracking up. Then I explain to him that it will go away. It had to be the weirdest day. But good news is a friend of mine has scheduled an appointment to talk to the missionaries and they want to know if they can do it here. I am so excited. We have some good missionaries.
So I have started doing crossing guard. It has been good so far. I work my corner pretty good. Just kidding. It's pretty scary though. Ironically the people who are irritated with us are usually other parents dropping their kids off or picking up.