Monday, June 23, 2008

It is Fixed

So I'm not a slacker our computer broke. Just like that one day it wouldn't turn on so of course it wasn't the simple thing it was the motherboard (everytime I say that I feel like I'm talking about star trek or something). And of course the place we bought the computer from who would have fixed it for free went out of business. Isn't that always the way. Anyways, now I'm back but I can't download pictures because I have to first download software but I wanted to update everyone. We had our ultrasound and we were right we are having another BOY!!!! They said it had big feet and was fat. It's foot right now is a little over an inch long, has a big belly, and weighs just over 1 lb. So that is our exciting news. We are looking for help with names if you know us well you know that it has to start with an A and end in either on or un (thus allowing us to use most of the vowels). I know it's weird but it is kind of fun for me. I'm a little sad as we will not be using all of the vowels. Oh well. Well hopefully I will blog again soon and give more updates.