Friday, January 30, 2009

Brotherly Love

So I had all of the funny things my kids have done written down in a note pad. Little did I know or care that it was Maryn's so it had been taken away from me and I don't know where she put it. However there have been a few things that have happened that I do remember so a post is in order or those memories soon will disappear. That's what happens when you are me and don't remember anything. Speaking of I have watched a movie called the "The Fountain" . It was the dumbest movie so I didn't actually watch the whole thing just parts here and there. Well I could have sworn I watched it with Adam(my husband) but he swears he's never seen it. I think he is playing a cruel joke on me but I've sworn at him so many times that it was him and he still hasn't broken down. I really would like to know who it was I watched that movie with because I'm drawing a complete blank. So if it was someone who reads my blog please let me know I really need closure and waiting to die to find out is not fun.
So anyways, the other day Morgan came home early from school. Aden is in charge of getting her and making sure they both get home together after school is over. He came home and said mom is morgan home. I was so worried and stressed. I asked a kid in her class and he said she had gone home. So I walked to the bike rack and her bike was still there. So I had to go back and make sure she wasn't still here somewhere." So I said, "Yeah I brought her home early because she said she was sick but she's not really sick." Aden said, "What!! All that stress and worry. I was so worried about her." I thought that was so sweet. And then to top it off he brought her bike home along with his scooter. Sometimes you wonder if your kids really like each other and then they do things like this. It was great.
Aden is also experiencing some B.O. issues. For crying out loud he's only 8. He'd also gone to a birthday party that was a rock band theme and came home with a fohawk (I don't know how to spell that correctly). Half was sprayed pitch black and the other half green. It was crazy he looked so much older and all of the sudden I thought it won't be long before he'll be a teenager and what if he wants his hair like this. And oh my goodness he looks really cool to top it off. If I were a girl his age I'd be all over that. That's crazy. I don't want him to get older. I don't want girls to like him just yet but they do. Wow! Life is crazy.
The other thing is the kids have been playing house lately and Ashdon is the baby for them. He doesn't last very long in there but hey they take him for a little bit. Morgan is the best helper of them all. She always wants ashdon to hold him and take care of him. She is going to be a great mom someday. She reminds me of Vanessa when we were growing up. I could really care less about holding people's babies and taking care of them but she would love it.
I had lost my credit card for about 2 weeks. Now I knew it was in the house I just couldn't find where it was and let me tell you I tore apart the house in the places I thought it should be. Well I was sitting here at the computer and all of the sudden Maryn comes walking out from her bedroom holding it up. Where she had it I do not know but I'm glad she found it.
Well I've got to go enjoy this 65 degree weather so going on a walk now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A new look

My hair before my new hair cut. Pretty wild if you ask me.

Auntie Adee preparing for the new cut? AHHHHHH!!!

During the process. I don't think I like this very much! Get me outta here!! Where's my mom? Oh yeah she's the one ignoring me and taking pictures of this torture.

TA DAAAAAH!! My new hair cut. I look Sexy. I need to work on smiling for the camera though.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Never re-read your own blog

So I frequently make fun of people who spell incorrectly or make mistakes on their blogs because sometimes it's really funny. But I have been put in my place. Adam decided to actually read our blog tonight and I'm terrible. I have so many mistakes. He's cracking up and saying he thinks he needs to take over the blog. Yah right. So for now I will just stop making fun of others cuz mine is awful. So sorry to all of you who've had to read this and notice all of my errors. I blame it on being incredibly late every time I have time to do this. Oh and having the TV on doesn't help either because it distracts me. Anyways, to the good stuff. Ashdon laughed today. It was just timid like he was trying it out but he did it several times. It is the cutest. He's also sleeping great at night which I love. Maryn wanted a carrot but I was about to serve dinner so I said no. So she gets into the fridge, gets a carrot, looks at me, holds the carrot up and says, "Ah ha, I got a carrot!" And then she ran off. I didn't even try to get it from her. First of all it's a carrot and second it was really funny. She's also regressing. The other day she fell asleep with a pacifier in her mouth. I took pictures and I left it in there because I thought it was funny. Now when she's hurt she asks for her ba ba or fire fighter (pacifier but it sounds like fire fighter). The other night at dinner prayer it was her turn so I was helping her. It went something like this. "Thank you for this food, bless it to make us big and strong," and then we usually end it, so I said "in the name," And instead of repeating it she says bless us to play the Wiif (Which is Wii but she always adds an f). And then she ends the prayer. She also was playing with a pretend phone and she had a conversation with herself but it went something like this. "Oh yeah, I got it from santa. I looooooooooove itttttttt, It's my faaaaaaaavorite. Bye bye I love you." Austin believe it or not didn't do anything this week that really stands out. Unless you count not listening, beligerantly saying no and talking back. I swear he's gotten away with to much and now he thinks he can do what he wants. Morgan is just, well clutsy. She's scraped her knuckles because she fell off her bike. She scraped her knee because she was walking outside. It's amazing she survives each day. Aden is physical. Everything is wrestling, or karate, or kung phu(spelling) fighting. He just can't seem to contain himself. Every second he and Austin are fighting and one of them (mostly Austin) is crying because they are hurt. I told Adam today, I've lost control, there's no respect and I'm going insane. So welcome to crazy land, it's always fun here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just couldn't wait

Okay so I couldn't wait til next week to post pictures. I didn't do all of the ones I wanted so that should save you some time. If you are my family and are reading this please look through these pictures and read the post right after it. If your not family you can do whatever you want.

The reenactment of the birth of Baby Jesus. Morgan played Mary, Aden - Joseph, Austin was a shepard and Derick was the donkey that mary rode which he really let her get on his back and ride in. Ashdon was baby Jesus.

Adam got to play santa this year. The first thing Maryn did when she saw him was say Daddy, and then he looked to grandma and said my daddy is so funny. Now Maryn says I got this from Santa my daddy. Aden was the first to get his present and was so embarrassed.

Of course with all of that snow we had to go sledding. The next time we went to Dallins house and he pulled everyone around behind his four wheeler. Now that was fun. We didn't have to hike up any hills.

The petroglyphs at Valley of Fire. It was beautiful and fun.

Yeah it was really high up. Read my post below for more on this.

The ox and the mire?

So I know the sabbath day is to be kept holy but it's really hard when church is not until one. First I'm not sure to what extent is really considered the mire. If I'm about to go insane because I can hardly walk through my room(i'm going through clothes to get rid of maternity and see what fits which at the moment is not a lot) does that count or I need to wash my sheets because I've got sand in my bed (it's not kinky we went hiking is some very fine sand), or and here is the kicker is it when water/pooh is spread around the bathroom. I vote all of the above. So first yesterday we went to valley of fire with another family. It was so fun. The kids had a blast and it was beautiful scenery. Aden and Austin were mountain goats climbing up and down the rocks. I just look away and pray really hard that they will make it down the mountain safely. My mom says there guardian angels are working overtime and I have to say she is right. Here's a little tangent On New Year's eve we made homemade individual pizza and the pans were really hot. I told the kids not to touch them. Next thing I know Austin has got a towel, is rubbing his chin then asks can i get the towel wet. I say sure and then look at his chin he's already ripped off the first layer of skin. Then I asked did you burn yourself, sure enough he did. I must be a horrible mother because instead of crying he was so afraid I would get mad at him that he didn't do anything. Then these huge streams of tears are running down his cheeks. He didn't really cry vocally just tears. It was weird and sad. I felt so bad for him. He's eating his pizza and tears are still coming down his face. That kid is amazing. I'm working on being better. I wanted my kids to be afraid of me like I was afraid of my dad because it kept me out of trouble. I was afraid of getting into trouble for fear of what he'd do to me (which was nothing real bad) and for fear of disappointing him. Well I don't think want my kids to be afraid of me like that. So anyways, there was sand everywhere. I didn't think it was in my hair but a lot of things get in there and I don't know they are there. So needless to say I washed the bed sheets and since adam was around we turned the mattress (how far can I take the ox and the mier?). Since I was doing laundry anyways I did a few extra loads. So then we get home and we're cleaning up from dinner and Austin is in the bathroom. Now he frequently has issues that irritate me because I'm the one who has to clean it out of his underwear. That is when I find out about it. Sometimes he'll just hide his underwear that's always fun. So I hear him crying in the bathroom but he won't answer adam. So I go to the door and firmly say open up. I hear the shower door and I'm thinking what on earth. Well the door opens and I'm thinking SHIT literally is everywhere (for those of you who think highly of me I'm sorry I'm working on the swearing of even the little words, it's only the 4th and I've ruined one resolution course is that swearing if that's what it is) Anyways, the toilet is full of wet toilet paper/pooh but no water. There's pooh fragments all of the toilet and the floor. There's a wet towel hanging hap hazzardly on the shower door and Austins shirt sleeve is wet up to his arm pit. What on earth was he doing? I have no idea except I found my cleaning rubber glove all wet so I hope he was trying to clean up the overflowing toilet. He was crying (before I got there and during the whole thing) and all I could do was laugh. It's just Austin. He's a lot like my brother Logan so here's another tangent. He's just in his own world. I was at a friends house for a luncheon when Maryn said she had to go pee. So i take her. When I get out Austin is playing around meanwhile he's peed his pants, let's see she's 2 he's 4 hmmmmm is all i can say. So I leave 2 kids there and bring austin home to change. I send him in and say I'm waiting out here hurry up. He is taking for ever so I come in and yell what are you doing? He was playing. I had to call my dad and say how did you not kill Logan? They are just in there own little worlds having a great time and I'm trying not to pull my hair out. So that was my sunday. So a few funny things the kids have done or just some things about them because they all do things austins just stand out a bit more. Morgan lost one of her upper front teeth and has 3 more loose teeth. That kid is going to look so funny if they all fall out. She is my big helper. She loves to pick up ashdon and bounce with him however he doesn't always appreciate it and he's heavy so she lasts about 1 min. Maryn however is a bigger helper. When Ashdon is in his chair he'll be crying (sometimes) while I'm busy doing something then all of the sudden I won't hear him and I look out and he's got a pacifier in his mouth. There's no kid around sometimes. But it's maryn she loves to put it in his mouth and to lay on top of him or put a life size doll on him. He doesn't like the last one very much. Ashdon is smiling big time and cooing a lot too. It's fun. Oh and he's soo good he slept through all of primary today so I could do singing time YEAH. Maryn is funny she keeps asking to go to brynlee's house or Grandma's house and when I say no to both of those she asks to go to LEESEE's house. Then she asks if grandma is at our house. It's pretty funny. One day she was trying to get something open and finally did. She held it in the air scrunched up her nose and yelled woo whoooo I got it. Aden is a tease Age 8 for boys is irritating. But he's also growing and wants to be a grown up. I can't think of anything funny he's done but I'll work on it for next week. No pictures because it's 11:30 and I need to go to bed. I'll get some on of our Holiday maybe next week.