Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kids are mean

Today Aden came home from school and said he'd had a bad day but that he wanted to tell me about it in private. He didn't want Morgan and Austin to hear. He said two of his good friends said, "No offense, but your annoying!" And then he proceeds to tell me the other reasons he thinks these two boys are not his friends anymore. They used to be good friends but now they are being rude. I'm so sad for my son. I want to make it all better but there is nothing I can do and I'm pretty sure I went through the same thing. And I turned out all right.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Expensive Popsicles

So this is just an add on to the post below because believe it or not both of these things happened today. So I was going to play battleship with austin when I heard Maryn in the bathroom kind of choking on something. Well she decided to drink some baby oil. So I call poison control I should have just called my sister cuz she's amazing and always knows what to do. But I usually do and I was trying to be independent and grown up and all. So Poison control says you better take her in because if it gets into her lungs it will coat the lining of the lungs and could cause pnuemonia or other breathing issues and where she has breathing issues to begin with. He says we are going to call the hospital and let them know that you are coming and give them some recomendations of what to do. The emergency room doctor was like what are you doing here. I don't think there is anything wrong but we'll keep her for observation. So Austin and Maryn got a popsicle. And maryn was totally fine. AAAAHHHHH $$$$$$$$$ is all I could think as the clock was ticking. We were only there for about 1 1/2 hours so not to bad but man what a day.

A Warning!!

Life is full of surprises and full of adventure. So I've started walking with a friend of mine let's just say to be healthy. So we decided to walk to the park because it is park day and then we could play afterwards. So Austin first falls off of his bike and biffs it. Then he stops at the play ground and I think I should just yell at him and let him know that we are going around one more time. Well I didn't heed that little prompting It's austin he's a survivor He knows cuz I told him I was walking around the park. Well I can't see him and then I see him riding his bike on the other side closest to the major road. So we cut across trying to catch him and then I don't see him. I overhear a lady saying something about a little boy on a bike so I say have you seen my little boy. She says yeah he's way down there so I start taking off running. She yells you need a car he is way down there. I yell I don't have a car. Do you think the security guy in the car comes to help noooooo stupid idiot. So I'm running mind you I'm not a runner and I'm way out of shape so I see this police man and I flag him over so he get's all of the information and takes off down the street. I'm thinking Austin must have gone home swear words are running through my head and coming out of my mouth. I'm asking people that I see if they've seen a little boy. NO, NO, NO what where is he did somebody grab him swear swear swear and swear some more. The cop finds me again gets my address calls other cops etc. I'm totally freaking out meanwhile trying to run home as fast as I can. I get home and I think he's got to be here he has to be sure enough he's not home aaaaaahhhhh. I jump in the car go to the neighbors where he has a friend he's not there either. I start going back towards the park and the cop finds me and yells He's at the park! OH hallelujah!. So I'm trying to drive the speed limit mind you it's 35 then the officer yells something at me on his mega phone I think it something like slow down the speed limit is 35. I don't know but I get there and he's with my friend rachel, she has her daughter and my other 2. So Austin had just continued riding around the park yelling and crying for me like he was supposed to. My neighbor jumped in her car, my other neighbor jumped on her bike and went up the paseo checking places where cars couldn't go. How awesome are the people I know. Needless to say I've learned several lessons today. 1 - Keep all kids in eye sight and tell them to stay close if walking around the park. 2 - if you get separated find the security guy and stay with them 3 - Don't believe the lady who tells you he's way down the street. 4 - drive the speed limit even if your kid is lost 5 - It's good to involve the whole neighbor because then you feel more embarrassed 6 - It's good to have a lot of friends who will drop everything and help you out 7 - Stay in shape because if you have to run to save your kids you don't want to let them down because you couldn't keep running a mile home. Hope your day is not as eventful as mine.

Friday, March 13, 2009

People Suck

This post is for me to vent and for my family and friends who want to see my deep dark side. I am so angry and hurt. I bent over backwards for a lady and she screwed me and played like she had no idea. What the heck is a matter with people and why do I have to be so nice. Why, why, why!!! I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for amazing control. Control over emotions, feelings, temper and the desire to spout so many bad words and hurl them at this lady and not doing it. I would hate myself after and could get me into a lot of trouble but then I stew over it for days wishing I would have said what was on my mind. But all in all I know that it would make no difference. People justify in there own minds that they are right. I hope she enjoys hell. Apart of me does and then oddly enough the other part of me hopes and wishes that she finds peace, love, and happiness and that the money she took from me will help her out. I hate that I have compassion for her but I love that I have compassion for her. How can I feel two ways and it depends on the time of day as to which feeling is stronger. I'm grateful to Heavenly Father who loves me enough to give me the gift of control, love, and compassion. But the natural man in me wants to fight it and hate her. Over all I know that if I saw her I would still smile and I would still say hello because I am just that way. And dadgummit I'm glad I'm that way for the most part. Just so some of you know we got sued. And the judge could have cared less about anything we said and awarded her. And she knew, because it was explained to her several times but of course she claims she didn't know and the contract was crappy so that's our bad and boy are we paying for it and it didn't even matter that we had a witness nothing mattered. All I know is that Adam and I have worked our butts off for everything we have. We are honest to a fault, honest in our dealings, we pay our debts and obligations and everything we have we have worked for. Nothing has been handed to us. We can attend the temple worthily and partake of the blessings there. We have a wonderful, beautiful family, great healthy kids. And despite everything I am happy and I'm still smiling, and I'm still so greatful to the lord for the many blessings he's given to me because I have so much more than most. I love the Lord, My Heavenly Father, the gospel, my husband, my kids, my family, my friends and sometimes when it's all said and done my trials (not right now but I know that I'll look back on this some day and say wow we made it through that can you believe it).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coolest mom Ever

I am the coolest mom ever. Actually once in a while I will do something that goes above and beyond regular mother things at least for me. So I did some cooking classes for my kids and of course I didn't take a picture so no pic's again. Well each kid got to choose 2 friends to come to their class. I did 3 different classes for the my kids so that it would be age appropriate and not so crowded. Well Aden did chocolate snickerdoodles, morgan did an apple spice cookie (yuuuuummmmy) and austin did chocolate pudding, and lunch. I have to say the class I enjoyed the most was Austins. They were just so excited and loved mixing and pouring the ingredients. It was great. I mostly did it so that my kids can learn to cook and use fractions but they enjoyed just about everything. So that's my post Kudos to me.