Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Us!

So we have discovered a fun new game. I actually played this with my uncle Larry but there was no fancy packaging and no written up directions just dice. But it was always so much fun. The game is called Farkle. It's easy enough for the kids to play and for the older one it works a bit on their math skills. Austin is the best at it. I've always thought he would be the rich kid in our family and here is why. First of all he could be a friend with a rock and that rock would love him back. That is just how he is. He loves everyone and anyone. He is just personable and will always have a lot of friends who are willing to do things for him. Second of all he has a ton of luck. Really he should be dead I think his luck is what keeps him alive (actually I know it's not luck and I don' t need a lecture on what it really is). Thirdly, he takes risks because he doesn't think of the consequences or the consequences aren't enough to deter him from what he wants. That is why he will be rich. Anyways, those attributes work well in this game Farkle. He will roll winning combinations that gain him a lot of points. I think out of the three times we played he's won twice and he cried the one time he lost. I don't think he actually thought he could lose it's just not how he thinks.

So Ashdon loves milk of course only in his sippy from Christmas though. He will drink it and play with his hair. It's a comfort thing. But he always wants milk. I've never had a kid like that and I love it because now he mostly sleeps through the night which is great for me. Now if I could only get Maryn to do that too. . . Now that would be something. Ash loves to jump on the trampoline and for 15 months he does a great job. And he hasn't fallen off which is good. His first word was candy at least it sounded an awful lot like candy and he was pointing at it too. Then of course he says Da and Ma. He can also mimic a lot especially pointing his finger. He found out that he has a hole in his nose that his finger fits into just so nicely. He goes in pretty deep too, it looks painful.

Maryn loves to have friends over. In fact her best friend is a boy named colston (spelling may be off). They are the cutest together and get a long so well. I love it. She is constantly asking for friends over. And when she's home all day everyday half of each day with just ash she gets a bit board. I'm going to have to go to play groups again. Yesterday she asked, "Mom, can I have some lmoads?" I said, "What is that!" And then she whispers, " Um, some candy." I think it's funny she's trying to spell things.

Morgan is doing great in school. She went to a birthday party at Build a Bear and boy was she excited. She has a bunny now I can't remember it's name. But who'd a thought that a silly bunny would become the world. It has and that's fine. Today she pretended to be pregnant with this huge balloon. I hate to tell her that if she takes after me she will probably look just like that.

Aden is a reading machine. I think in 3 weeks he has read 12 books and not just little books, books that are for 5th and up and have at least 400 pages. We were reading the Charlie Bone series and he would try to beat me to finish it. I think it would tick him off when he would ask me what page I was on and I would say oh I'm done. So instead of us fighting over one copy (we were both reading them at the same time) he checked them out at the school library. I think we need to get Aden another hobby. He doesn't think he needs another hobby and I'm not opposed to this one it's just good to be well rounded. Side kid (or note): Austin was at the library with a friend and Austin started reading his book. His friend was so amazed that Austin being the same age as he was could just start reading right then and read the whole book. That's right Austin can read. He does a really good job and we are proud of him. Back to Aden. He is a stinker literally he stinks just kidding he's sitting here reading this while I'm typing so I just had to put something weird in here. I like Aden's age it's fun to actually talk and laugh and things make sense.

Anyways, that's us in a nut shell for this last week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where to begin. . .

Let's just say life is crazy and I just haven't wanted to blog. But tonight I guess I feel the need to play catch up through pictures and one liners. We'll see what happens. First and for most Morgan is getting baptized. Wow I can't believe it. She is so wonderful and making such great decisions. If you would like to come you are more than welcome. We can always find places for everyone to stay.

So after Christmas we went to my parents house. My whole family was there and it was a lot of fun. I miss that we can't see each other as often as we would like but we make the most of the time we have. So I got to rake leaves and use the blower. I was so sad when it started to rain and I couldn't do the front yard. Some of you think I'm joking but I love love love the outdoors. I am a sun worshiper and an outside junkie. I love working outside. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed grass and trees and gardens. Someday? I hope! I Pray!

So anyways while I was outside working my sister suggested we have some fun with the blower and this is the result. I laughed so hard it was so great.

I hope you laughed as much as I did. It still cracks me up. That's a piece of candy flying out of her mouth. Her little sister was happily picking up all of the candy from her siblings that was on the ground. Below is our Christmas Jammies from Grandma Marchant. They are the cutest.

This was Ashdon's favorite present. I swear he was molesting the sippy cup and would scream at anyone who would touch it.
Grandpa and Grandma Moore with all of their grandkids. It was a full house but a fun one.

Well this is a quick recap of our holidays and our life. I can't seem to remember anything unless I have a picture. So maybe next week I'll actually have a good one with a good story or two.