Friday, July 31, 2009

Flax Seed Oatmeal anyone

So I had no idea this happened or how long ago it happened but I found it to be quite funny.
We have in our cupboard some ground flaxseed in one container and in the same type of container oat bran. They look nothing alike mind you just the containers they are in are identical. I don't have them labeled because it's obvious which one is which. Well not to daddy-o. Morgan came down for breakfast and wanted oat bran. So adam made her a bowl. She started eating it and said dad this doesn't taste very good. Well instead of believing her because she waste food all of the time and whines about it he said well let's put some more sugar in it. Now I don't think truck loads of sugar could have made flax seed oatmeal taste any good. So she still complains that it doesn't taste right. So Adam, not wanting to waste food, makes her eat 3 more bites. Which she does complaining the whole time. Well when Adam gets it from her and starts cleaning the bowl he realizes that he'd poured her flax seed rather than oat bran. I don't know but I bet she had some great bowel movements that day!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Goings On

We were sitting around watching a show and this guy had tattoos all over him. So I was trying to help the kids know that we don't like tattoos by saying, "wow, that is so ugly." And what does Austin say, "No it's not, I love it" AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am so scared. Although to his credit he did think they could come off like the ones he's been able to try.

We have had the throw ups at our house recently and when you have so many kids it just seems to stick around forever. So if you don't like throw up stories just skip this paragraph. This particular throw up would come on so suddenly that the kids didn't know what was happening. Well austin had breakfast and of course he wants pancakes (pancakes are not the easiest to clean up the 2nd time around) with food coloring - red no less. Yep you guessed it about an hour later he was sick. He comes to me, "Mom, I threw up and I didn't make it to the toilet." That's okay no big deal. If he didn't look like he was knocking on deaths door I think I'd have made him clean it up. He spewed on the carpet (I'd just barely cleaned and returned the carpet cleaner 3 days before) a trail to the bathroom, on the wall, etc. And then it was as though he'd tilted his head up toward the ceiling (the lid was closed also) and shot it forward. It was everywhere, on the wall, the toilet lid, down the toilet. I had to clean the toilet 3 times and the rest of the bathroom as well. It was nasty. I wanted to throw up after it was all said and done. Even Aden missed my toilet and threw up all over the place. Cheeze - its ! Need I say more. And then he didn't even say anything like Hey mom I just heaved all over your bathroom so don't sit on the toilet. Nothing. Morgan threw up once and then she wanted to go to church. Seriously it's like it didn't even bother her at all. All of the other kids were green and pasty looking and would throw up every 20 minutes for about 6 hours. Austin in particular looked awful. He had it coming out of both ends so had to change clothes a lot. I would find him laying in the hallway naked trying to find more underwear or jammies. He looked liked a Holocaust victim all skin and bones. It was gruesome. So that's enough of that moving on.

Yesterday I was doing laundry and of course the piles both clean and dirty were piled high. I tend to on a regular basis throw the clean clothes in front of the linen closet to folled the clothes at my earliest convenience. Well I throw so more clean clothes on the ever growing pile and about 10 minutes later when I'm transfering the clothes from washer to dryer the pile starts moving. What in the world is going on. Well Austin pops out, he'd slept on the first shelf of the linen closet and I woke him up when I threw more clothes in front of him.

Ashdon is getting teeth every time I look in his mouth it seems there's a new one there. He's all over the place and getting into everything. Last night he stood up and then just stood there longer than he ever has. I think he'll be walking soon.

The other day I was watching some kids and I came down to find that one of the girls was giving Maryn a hair cut. I could believe it. I was sooo mad. The pile of hair on the ground was all I could focus on, she had beautiful hair and a big pile of it lay on the ground. I'm thinking to myself It's just hair it will grow back, it's not worth going to jail over, don't hurt anybody. Just kidding. I did tell the girl to go be with her big sister for a while because I needed to calm down a bit. I called my sister got expert advice on what to do and now she has some layers in her hair. You can't even tell that someone chopped it. So shew.

Morgan found some tampons laying around and asked what they were for. Well I don't want her to think that those topics make me uncomfortable but where do you draw the line? How much info is too much. I told her what it was for and then asked was that too much information and she said no and then hasn't said a thing about it since.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Funny things

So here are some funny/interesting things going on here.

The difference between Morgan and Austin.

The other night I called the kids in for dinner and they wanted to keep playing so I said, "fine." Well when they came in I was trying to get Ashdon to sleep and so I couldn't get their dinner for them right then. Well Morgan sits there and whines I'm so hungry, I can't wait. Well Austin bounds down the stairs and I asked where he was going. He says, "To get my own dinner of course!" He's a go getter and won't wait for me. He'll take care of himself. We've always said we could leave all the kids here for a week without us and Aden and Morgan would starve to death and Austin would survive.

Maryn was taking care of Ashdon while I finished up Austins reading lesson. (By taking care of I mean she was entertaining him while he was still in his bed) She put her doll in the crib oh did I fail to mention that it was in a large stroller, and every other toy imaginable. Then she comes running out with his blanket wrapped behind her back yelling I'm Suppppper Rynnnners!!

Last night in the middle of the night she threw up. When I went to clean up her bed I noticed that she had tried to clean up her own puke with a towel from the closet. How sad is that. Cute too.

Right before she went to bed she was crying because she wanted popcorn. Well she'd already brushed her teeth and it was time for bed so I said "firmly" Maryn go upstairs get your jammies and go to bed right now. She ran off crying but came back down with her jammies and stammering says, "Mommy, I don't like you screaming at me (and I promise I didn't scream at her)." I said, "Well you need to listen and it's time to go to bed." And in little sobs, "I just really want some popcorn." All in all I'm glad I didn't let her have that goldfish were nasty enough to clean up the second time around.

Austin smelled the popcorn and this is the conversation Adam overheard. Austin was talking to Aden. "Dad made popcorn and we just brushed our teeth. Why do they always make popcorn after we go to bed. I loovve popcorn."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Explorer of the Month

Each teacher gets to pick one kid for Explorer of the month. Morgan got chosen. She was so excited. Congratulations Morgan! We are so proud.

Aden kept saying, "I don't get it, I do everything right, I pay attention, do my work and I never get chosen for Explorer of the Month. I just don't get it." He didn't even tell her congratulations I don't think. Then she left her medal (they get a really neat medal too not just a peace of paper) in the classroom and asked Ms. Wiatt if she could go get it. Well Aden was so put out that Morgan made him wait in the hot sun. He came home, "I'm so mad at Morgan, she made me wait in the hot, hot sun for 10 minutes just to go back and get her thing. She could have gotten it tomorrow but instead she wanted to make me wait in the hot sun." He's

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Life is fun when you're poor. We can find amusement out of anything. Even a backyard full of rocks, sharp and pointy, can be fun. First the kids use the rocks for baseballs and hit them with an oar. But recently they decided to find some soot and play in that.

Ashdon is climbing the stairs now.

The kids recently were allowed to do voice over's like their dad. He got the snowball out (microphone) and let them read lines into it. If I knew how to put sound bytes into this blog I'd add them here but I can't so to bad for you. It was great and the kids enjoyed hearing their voices. It's funny that now because we don't have tape recorders they don't have the opportunity to hear themselves. So this was their first time and Aden was wigging out about his.

Austin is doing amazingly well with his reading. I'm enjoying seeing his progress.

There's another new post down below as well so read on.

Really where does time go

Aden's Birthday Party. It was the best party ever and Adam and I are the coolest parents ever. First I stayed up until 2 am making the invitations because we decided the day before that we would do Aden's party on Saturday. And that night we had also gone to the Drive in to see the movie up. Tuesday is Bargain Night so Adults are $4.25 and kids are $1 if over 5. It's a great deal for us and the kids have a great time. So I made the invitations, tore the paper around the edges, used my ink pad to make it look rustic, then rolled them up and secured them with some wire with a bead on it to make it look fancy. You can scroll down to see the unrolled invite. We decorated the front entrance with drift wood and the treasure chest with it's missing treasure. I made a way cool treasure chest cake. Adam finished it off with the latch he made from a washer and the foil from eaten rolos candy (Pretty clever). Then they helped make a pirate flag for Aden's Bay. Then Adam and I made up a way cool treasure hunt. We had them go all over the neighborhood with surprise attacks. It was great. They started out back to get there pirate garb on, headed to the neighbors to get their Ammo (water balloons) to defend themselves against the dreaded Pirate Adam and Morgan who were hiding behind the walls. Then off to another neighbors house where they were attacked with very cool squirt guns. By the pirates Austin and Morgan. At the door they had to say, "I be a pretty pink pony, who prances around in the sunshine." Before she would give them there clue. They had to go to the Paseo then out to an open field to dig for their treasure. By the time they got in the house they were completely exhausted. I asked who wants chips, cake, etc. And none of them wanted anything just a lot of kool aid and water. It was awesome. They were all using pirate lingo and everything. The party was 2 hours long with the majority of it outside searching for treasure. It was great!!!!

Ashdon is all over the place - the Army crawl is still his favorite. Today he was chasing Maryn all over the house (bottom floor that is) because she was rushing around pushing a stroller that he wanted. He gets so bored with the same old thing. He likes to be moving around, usually with me as the pilot, seeing new things. His top 2 teeth are trying to come in simultaneously. That's just a tad bit irritating especially to the ta ta's if you know what I mean. He loves to stand in the bath tub and suck on the spout where the water comes out but then he practically drowns himself with water. Yet he'll continue to do it over and over again.