Sunday, October 17, 2010


There is not much to write this week. We have been stuck in the house and I am not sure if that is harder for Austin, Maryn, Ash or Me. Friday I was going stir crazy. I wanted to sit outside under a tree on some grass, but I live in vegas and my choice was sitting under a trampoline on some sharp rocks. Hmmmm. I didn't do it.

Austins surgery (for tonsils & adenoids) went well. The recovery I have decided is actually the hard part. He hasn't been eating very much because his cheeks hurt? I don't get it and he can't open his mouth wide enough for me to peek inside to take a look either. So I hate it because he looks sick, pale and has little energy. That's what happens when you don't eat. But hopefully he will get better, soon.

Morgan is our graceful one. We were at the springs preserve and she managed to fall off a two foot high brick wall, bruise her thumb and hand, and scrape the side of her leg. We like to call her grace!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Canning Extravaganza! oh and more!

I have canned and canned and canned. It has been great. I made pear butter and it said to use 6 cps of sugar. Well I just couldn't do that. That is just to much sugar so I put in 1 1/2 cps sugar. You would think that it would not be enough well let me tell you I should have put in maybe 1/4. It is so sweet, but it is also soooooo goood too. I am going to do it again but this time little or no sugar that is for sure. Then I dehydrated pears. Oh man, I don't need chocolate when those are around. I love em. I canned homemade salsa. I have to can some more we are going through it way to fast. I also canned tomato soup. My mother-in-law makes the most delicious homemade tomato soup and every year for my birthday that is was I ask for. But this year I wanted to try it so that I would not have to ask for it when I run out 6 mos. before my birthday. Mind you she doesn't care, and I know this, but I just wanted to try it. Mine is not like hers but still I did it. I made peach, boysenberry jam. MMMM. Is all I have to say. I tried to make fruit leather but I can't get it off the stupid wrap stuff I used. It just chaps my hide like nothing else. I love this type of stuff and now I just need my own orchard, and garden. Someday, until then I will just pretend.

Aden's foot is still bothering him. What to do? His expander is working because now he has quite a gap between his teeth. So now his big teeth can come in with ease. He tried out for both choir and instruments and made it into both. He is really excited and has to go to early morning practice on wed.'s. He is also class representative but is disappointed that he can not run for an office now. He is quite motivated and likes to be involved. I can tell he will keep us really busy but that is good. He is getting better at basketball. I am still screaming my head off at the games though.

Morgan is loving school. Her teacher is really great and she enjoys going. She loves to sing but can't try out for choir until she is in 4th grade. She has more homework than Aden and Austin combined. But she does it and does it fairly quickly so that is good.

Austin is preparing for surgery. He is trying to not be nervous. Heavens I am trying to not be nervous. The healing process it what worries me most. He will have to miss about 7 days of school. I think he is going to go nuts and I know he will drive me nuts in the process. He is constantly asking why. He doesn't mind obeying rules if he knows why it's important. That's good and it's hard. Sometimes I want to yell because I said so that's why.

Maryn is bored most of the day and wants to have a friend over all of the time. I feel bad but what do you do.

Ash just likes to do his own thing and will wander and play. He is talking a lot now and his favorite word is NO!

I have to run to choir so that is all for now.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

what! No pictures!

I just can't seem to download pictures. It's just one more step so it's either blog or pictures I chose blog.

Aden is doing basketball. He loves it and works really hard. He has a great coach who teaches them and rides them hard but the encourages right after. He is great. His last game was intense, they were behind and kept making simple mistakes. But they were able to catch up and then they tied. In this league there is no overtime which we are grateful for I don't think I could have lasted another minute. I had a lady move away from me because I was yelling so much. On the way home Austin asked Aden if he could hear us, and why didn't he listen to us. Austin continued, "Mom was yelling a lot and Dad was yelling in his angry voice." Adam wasn't but it is hard to decipher his loud voice is sometimes his angry voice.

Morgan noticed at the end of sacrament meeting that she had on 2 different shoes. One was dark brown and the other black. I was cracking up which made her cry because she doesn't like anyone laughing at her. I tried to tell her I wasn't laughing at her just about the situation but she didn't get it. She wanted me to go home and get her the same shoes. I couldn't so she had to deal with it.

Maryn's birthday is today. She had a princess party a couple of Friday's ago. In the first 10 minutes one of the girls said this is the best party ever. Yeah that's right. We had fancy punch (sherbet and soda), pink popcorn, pink playdoh (that I made from scratch) and they added fine glitter to it. Then they decorated wands and crowns. After which they jumped, played, had cake, presents, then whoosh quick the party was over and they were all gone. We rushed out the door to the park to meet some friends and then when we got home, my head hit the pillow and I was in a mild coma for the rest of the night. Now she is four and hopefully she will learn to say her g's, c's, d's, s's, etc. Everything is a t so when she says I saw a kitty cat it comes out I taw a titty tat. It's great!

I made a great acorn squash. prepare a squash as normal, peel, core and dice up an apple into fairly small pieces. Add butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. Let it cook for 45 minutes. Then yummo, it tastes a lot like apple pie. My kids loved it too. Now I need to try to sweeten it with agave nectar or honey not sure which.

Well taw taw for now!