Monday, September 27, 2010

funny tid bits

Maryn calls a praying mantis a pretty mantis not because she thinks it's pretty she just thinks that is what it is called.

Austin was saying prayers and is trying to expand what he is praying for. So at dinner he blessed Grandma and Papa Moore's food and that it would make them healthy and strong. On another occasion he blessed Grandma and Papa marchant to sleep in their beds all night long. Papa marchant does need that help so hopefully it worked for them.

Aden got on braces and an expander (I'll post pictures when I am not to lazy to download them). His mouth hurts and he does an amazing sid the sloth (from ice age) impression. But now that he sounds funny, you can't get him to stop talking. I think like all kids he loves the attention.

Morgan's teacher has them pick words ie, honest, trustworthy, positive, etc. and they have to read the definition, discuss it and try to be that all week. Well as Morgan was arguing with me she said, "Mom, you are making it so hard for me to be a peacemaker!" Yep that was her word and it was the hardest word for her ever.