Sunday, October 3, 2010

what! No pictures!

I just can't seem to download pictures. It's just one more step so it's either blog or pictures I chose blog.

Aden is doing basketball. He loves it and works really hard. He has a great coach who teaches them and rides them hard but the encourages right after. He is great. His last game was intense, they were behind and kept making simple mistakes. But they were able to catch up and then they tied. In this league there is no overtime which we are grateful for I don't think I could have lasted another minute. I had a lady move away from me because I was yelling so much. On the way home Austin asked Aden if he could hear us, and why didn't he listen to us. Austin continued, "Mom was yelling a lot and Dad was yelling in his angry voice." Adam wasn't but it is hard to decipher his loud voice is sometimes his angry voice.

Morgan noticed at the end of sacrament meeting that she had on 2 different shoes. One was dark brown and the other black. I was cracking up which made her cry because she doesn't like anyone laughing at her. I tried to tell her I wasn't laughing at her just about the situation but she didn't get it. She wanted me to go home and get her the same shoes. I couldn't so she had to deal with it.

Maryn's birthday is today. She had a princess party a couple of Friday's ago. In the first 10 minutes one of the girls said this is the best party ever. Yeah that's right. We had fancy punch (sherbet and soda), pink popcorn, pink playdoh (that I made from scratch) and they added fine glitter to it. Then they decorated wands and crowns. After which they jumped, played, had cake, presents, then whoosh quick the party was over and they were all gone. We rushed out the door to the park to meet some friends and then when we got home, my head hit the pillow and I was in a mild coma for the rest of the night. Now she is four and hopefully she will learn to say her g's, c's, d's, s's, etc. Everything is a t so when she says I saw a kitty cat it comes out I taw a titty tat. It's great!

I made a great acorn squash. prepare a squash as normal, peel, core and dice up an apple into fairly small pieces. Add butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. Let it cook for 45 minutes. Then yummo, it tastes a lot like apple pie. My kids loved it too. Now I need to try to sweeten it with agave nectar or honey not sure which.

Well taw taw for now!


T said...

I can never seem to upload pictures either... just assume that the kids are growing up and that they're as cute as the stories make them sound. Well, and be grateful that I've spared you the pictures of my M in her perma-sick state of the past week!

Kamille said...

I love to hear your stories. I'm feeling a little inspired to throw a birthday party for Maegan. I start this already? I just don't know if I can be a super as you are. Who am I kidding? I know I can't be as super as you! You're awesome! Talk with you soon. Miss you, my friend.

jillha said...

We will be living down your way in about a week! We are down sizing big time to a much smaller apartment than our house. Oh well. It is bittersweet. In some ways I am pretty excited for the new adventure but I am already missing my family here. I'm sure I will adjust and I know it is only 2 hours away. We will be in Henderson not too far from the Galleria down on off of Stephanie. whereabouts are you in Vegas?

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